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Example sentences for sweetest

But the sweetest moments feature horses, not humans.
He made up for this by shouting philosophy at you in the sweetest kind of way.
The sweetest mouth, that fragile neck, and the way he looked into that dummy's eyes.
The sweetest and subtlest flavor came from the batch made entirely with mortar and pestle.
One of the sweetest things about the song may be the relatively ordinary-looking guy along for the ride in the video.
Considerably, this post is really the sweetest on this notable topic.
Probably the sweetest thing about the banker's banker is his past as a jazz musician.
For cold weather training, this is the sweetest piece in your cycling wardrobe.
Easily, the post is really the sweetest on this worthwhile topic.
My third dog is a pit bull mix, the sweetest thing in a world.
My third dog is a pit bull mix, and she is the sweetest dog ever.
For the first year in a half he was the sweetest dog.
He is the, sweetest, goofiest dog you've ever met and has no problem rolling over so he can have his belly rubbed.
In a place known for wealth and abundance, bargain hunting can reach the heights of sweetest fantasy.
Sometimes little luxuries can be the sweetest way to someone's heart.
Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.
It brings out all that is sweetest and truest in them.
Instead, he starting packing for one of the sweetest airplane trips of his life.
But the sweetest victory has been beating migraine pain.
He has this unique capacity to put the hardest subjects with the sweetest melodies.
And this season's sweetest dessert books will lure anyone into the kitchen.
It works the same way that a farmer might select the sweetest corn and use it to create ever-sweeter corn varieties.
Which gives her ideas, because she is the sweetest little romantic fool who ever lived.
They are sweetest after the first frost, when the starch is converted into sugar.

Famous quotes containing the word sweetest

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