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Knight also highlighted the impact of sugar beets and other crops that may require a lot of water, used to sweeten the drink.
They could promise them now to sweeten the change and then afterwards they could mysteriously vanish.
We think they are a safe bet to sweeten your tailgate.
After all, for me the bitter brew doesn't taste the same if there isn't an electronic screen to sweeten it.
Some of what they're finding doesn't sweeten the picture.
The garlic will sweeten during the long cooking and disappear into the sauce.
Call your hotel first and ask what they can do to sweeten the pot.
Beat cream until stiff, add to apricot pulp, and sweeten to taste.
Give me an ounce of civet, good apothecary, to sweeten my imagination.
The idea now is to use the abolition of the tax shield to sweeten the end of the wealth tax.
To sweeten the pill, some governments have for years run schemes to entice exiles back.
Successful leaders have a similar ability to sweeten adversity.
Creosote and juniper sweeten the aroma of desert rainfall.
The strategy: hold the line on the school's annual salary obligation, then sweeten the pot when it can afford it.
They'll sweeten deals to lure reluctant consumers, but seasonal jobs--and service--may suffer.
To sweeten the sermon there is also some light gunplay.
It can also be used to sweeten cakes and top ice cream.
They will guide you through the darkest days in your life, and sweeten your happiest moments.
Blend top three ingredients together and sweeten with honey.
They will guide you through the darkest days of your life, and sweeten your happiest moments.
To sweeten the pot, the houses are almost always listed with below-market rental rates.

Famous quotes containing the word sweeten

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Here may we prove the pow'r of pray'r, To strengthen faith, and sweeten care; To teach our faint desires to... more
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