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Example sentences for sweet tooth

Rabbits have a tendency for a sweet tooth and, given the opportunity, will eat only sweets and not hay or greens.
And it turns out that kids with a sweet tooth see themselves as sweet.
His curiosity gets him into all kinds of trouble, and his sweet tooth puts his life in danger more than once.
The sweet confections from these bakeries have put them on the map, and indulging in one of them will satisfy your sweet tooth.
Soothe sweet tooth cravings with too many flavors of licorice to list here.
If you have a sweet tooth, don't miss the crispy pecan waffle, dressed with a pecan praline syrup.
If your sweet tooth needs satisfying, you might opt for the chocolate-filled beignets.
For a unique treat, diners might want to try the homemade pancake-flavored ice cream on a waffle cone to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Vegans with a sweet tooth can choose from a wide selection of vegan pies, cakes and cupcakes as well.
Diners with a sweet tooth may opt for the double chocolate pancakes or apple caramel walnut pancakes.
The whole family can indulge their sweet tooth with freshly-baked deep-pan apple pie, the restaurant's specialty.
When it comes to satisfying their sweet tooth and their diets, celebrities are finding comfort in an old dessert.
To fulfil their sweet tooth, the chimps need to infiltrate and steal from bee nests, either in trees or underground.
Which brings me to another small problem of mine: my sweet tooth.
Simultaneously sweet and savory, nuts are a particularly good choice for friends without a big sweet tooth.
Your sweet tooth craves it, but your body doesn't need it.
Indulge your sweet tooth or relax in a hot tub tonight.
Even a sweet tooth can find fulfillment with creamy, frozen deserts made from soy milk.
All of us with a sweet tooth have a keen appreciation for sugar.
For our customers who have a sweet tooth, a wide variety of tempting desserts are offered daily.
Satisfying both your sweet tooth and your nutritional goals could soon be easier than ever.
Since the beginning of time, it seems that humans have had a sweet tooth.

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