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Example sentences for sweet potato

Dessert offerings include sweet potato pie and banana pudding.
Serve with one and one-half cups rich brown sauce seasoned with tomato catsup and mashed sweet potato.
Ordered some corn dogs with regular and sweet potato fries.
Spicy red jalapeno jelly plays perfectly against sweet potato's sugary flavor in this easy side dish.
Sweet potato fries are often limp and soggy and because they are naturally sweet, many restaurants do not season them.
Sweet potato pecan pie and creme brulee are some of the dishes on the decadent dessert menu.
It consists of raw seafood cooked in lime juice, onion, tomato and hot peppers served with sweet potato and corn on the cob.
These soft and airy sweet potato rolls are perfect for the job.
We won't take sides in the pumpkin pie versus sweet potato pie or apple versus pecan debate.
The sweet potato industry has changed especially in the area of storage and curing.

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