sweet spot in a sentence

Example sentences for sweet spot

Video-game designers seek a sweet spot where players feel challenge but not despair.
Wind turbines often also employ a transmission to gear the shaft speed up or down to the sweet spot.
Ring of dust lies in the sweet spot for liquid water.
Obviously, being stuck in a chronic oil-based energy crisis provides the financial sweet spot for the military-industrial complex.
Sometimes the surgeon never quite finds a patient's sweet spot.
As you can see there is a sweet spot in complexity when it comes to the rate of adaptation.
There's sort of a sweet spot as far as human settlement goes.
Extremely happy people seem to slightly overshoot the sweet spot of maximum motivation.
Optimists argue that the markets are now in a sweet spot.
It is the convenient sweet spot on the street, and can turn any stranger into a servant.
The report reveals customers have a sweet spot for almost every physical characteristic of their smartphone.
Luxury stores will have to work a little harder to remain the sweet spot in retailing this holiday season.
She's put it right in the sweet spot of her range, and she's laying back inside the groove.
Small crossovers are the new sweet spot in the auto industry.
Sound stage suffers if you're not sitting in the sweet spot.
As a whole this middle position ended up being the sweet spot for comfort and utility.
Bigger head size translates into an ample sweet spot and fewer shanks.
Even dinner hour, sweet spot in the rule-bound day, seems to be knuckling under.
They're best when they find the sweet spot between electro-punk and pomp.
But there's that rare sweet spot where graphics, game play and storytelling come together to make a game work.
From my perspective, there's a sweet spot between too much regulation and no regulation at all.
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