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His wide-sweeping satirical purpose requires a comprehensive display of human ignorance, folly, and iniquity.
Naturalize them in sweeping drifts where space is available.
The idea was poetic: two friends, a sweeping landscape, a journey of both body and soul.
Over the low buzz of cicadas he explains the blueberry revolution sweeping this part of the state.
Dancers swing the mask in sweeping motions to represent the arc of the sun.
Corporate campuses often devote a large percentage of available space to landscaping, and those sweeping lawns require irrigation.
The history of naval technology is a sweeping epic of triumph and tragedy, heroism and defeat, war and peace.
Below it, sweeping lines run through generously spaced hemlocks.
These magnetospheres rotate with the planet, sweeping charged particles with them.
The stately breadth and sweeping curve and quiet eddy are lost, but speed and volume and majesty remain.
Society rested, after sweeping into the ash-heap these cinders of a misdirected education.
Bullets were raining down at them, and shot and shells from the batteries were sweeping everything.
The reforms outlined in the report would build upon the sweeping financing changes that were enacted last year.
Now whether they behave poorly at all universities, that might be a sweeping conclusion.
Perhaps the changes it proposes are more sweeping than are truly necessary.
If something is wrong with a paper, the faults can be identified without sweeping indictments.
Please consider the actual scenario before making sweeping generalizations.
It's all part of a revolution that's sweeping through the manufacturing world.
In doing so, they are contributing to the changes sweeping the country's shopping malls.
He did so swiftly and methodically, sweeping away whole layers of managers and directors.
Yet he notes that this had advantages: sweeping away inefficient industries and driving down living costs.
It gives civilian and military authorities sweeping powers to arrest, suppress and snoop on citizens.
Despite the sales figures, it is too soon yet to talk of any sweeping change for the better.
Amateur polymaths can allow themselves such sweeping observations.
The winds of change, though, are sweeping through these quiet and dusty corridors.
Meditation can then be used to prevent pain from coming back by sweeping your body and mind with comforting thoughts and images.
Her face rapt, she gazed at the radar images of storm clouds sweeping through the tristate area.
As a result, sweeping changes there influence life across the planet.
Four-meter-high walls of water charged through coastal cities, sweeping away cars and houses, and setting factories ablaze.
But to dismiss a scientist solely for holding some wrong or controversial views risks sweeping away valuable nuggets of truth.
Decisions are rightly made on the narrowest of grounds to avoid grand sweeping changes that are later reversed.
The sample is not great enough to draw such a sweeping conclusion.
He is an engaging speaker and writer but his sweeping statements are based on anecdotes and exaggerations.
The agency has refrained from creating sweeping regulatory changes for these companies.
It was sweeping around in a spiral whose radius kept growing smaller and smaller.
Its storms have a way of sweeping into town and jolting your life into perspective.
Panel calls for sweeping changes in open-water swimming.
If it's not war in one territory, it's an epidemic sweeping across another.
Since then it's been happily sweeping my living room and dining room every week or so.
Any of the information displayed on the surface can be dismissed by sweeping a hand across the projected images.
Please do your research before making such sweeping, totally irrational statements.
The problem with this culture of instant experts is that those who are incompetent make sweeping statements.
These simple minded people make sweeping statements about what they do not understand.
When a great sweeping work is great, what makes it great is that there's no excess.
On a stroll one encounters the occasional volunteer group, its members bent and wrinkled, dutifully sweeping leaves.
The brush is no good without the handle, and the whole thing is good only for sweeping.
Lawmakers want to enact sweeping legislation aimed at overhauling what is often perceived as a flailing system.
No criminal charges have been filed, but the district is scrambling to respond to two sweeping grand jury subpoenas.
Flexner himself wasn't a physician, but his critique had a sweeping influence on the way medicine was taught.
He gestured expansively, sweeping his hand west, the sky a wash of leached red as the sun began to set.
Following up on the speech he gave in the same place two years ago, he made a persuasive case for sweeping regulatory reform.
He's initiating sweeping changes because he inherited a set of interrelated emergencies that require swift, decisive action.
Wildfires are sweeping through the country right now.
The easiest way to explain them is that there are objects there, moons, sweeping out the material in the rings.
Of course, these sweeping generalizations conceal exceptions.
With that in mind, let's move to the sweeping generalizations.
Too much information seems to be being plundered forth too quickly, often accompanied by sweeping generalizations.
With a statistical sample size of one you can not make sweeping conclusions.
And sweeping the stairs from top to bottom is the only way in the cleaning business.
She also made reference to his sweeping comb-over, a comment not likely to win favor with his vanity.
Many have chic little offices, full gourmet kitchens, and expansive terraces with sweeping views of the sea.
Many sweeping decisions were made, carrying the authority of a collective consensus.
The two surviving craft flew on, in a sweeping turn.
They made their sweeping lawns contiguous to form a private nine-hole golf course.
He started out by sweeping up hair, and he slept in a cubicle above the salon.
Street sweeping is necessary to keep our streets and storm drains clean.
Street sweeping is an integral part of street maintenance operations.
Rain and holidays are the two main reasons street sweeping may be cancelled.
Mechanical street sweeping resumes in residential neighborhoods.
Not everybody will be inclined to accept this sweeping claim.
Until now, such groundswells of protest have not linked themselves to more sweeping demands for government reform.
If they were playing for stakes, she would be sweeping in their money by the veritable armful.
In anchoring its ruling on sweeping new equal rights protections for gays, the court opted for boldness.

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