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Sweep your carpet with a broom to lift the fibers and remove loose dirt.
Do not sweep away those small operating-budget savings, because doing so only encourages everyone to spend down to zero.
With the brushes, researchers will be able to sweep trenches in miniature computer chips or clean mirrors used in nano-motors.
One day a highly contagious and lethal strain of influenza will sweep across all humanity, claiming millions of lives.
Through billowing smoke, the lights sweep the stage.
Stout branches with upward sweep usual more add to my plant list.
They're born spinning quickly, up to tens of times per second, and sweep the sky with a beam of radio energy as they rotate.
But don't expect text-mining to sweep the humanities overnight.
Most people are way too eager to sweep up their fallen leaves.
With two of these networked together, scoring the amount of dust you can sweep in, you'd have a great game on your hands.
Hopefully a backlash against tenure will not sweep away reasonable forms of job security and academic freedom.
The laptop was supposed to sweep through poor countries, scattering knowledge and connectivity all around.
The photographer used the sweep of the dune to frame the plant and applied the rule of thirds in composing the landscape.
We sweep nearly everyday, so these are new dead bees.
Or dismissive hand waving designed to sweep these deep questions under the rug.
The romantic in every reader yearns for a new order to sweep aside the impediments of the old.
The further back or up from the shoreline, the clearer the larger, smoother sweep becomes.
In the distance, flashlight beams sweep the roadway.
The first half of the book almost has the sweep of a novel.
Corals can persist in surprisingly murky water as long as tides and currents periodically sweep the sediments off.
The land, heated to an excess under the equatorial sun, gives rise to warm currents of the air that sweep north.
Notice how the photographer used the sweep of the vineyard in the foreground to take our eyes to the town.
Evolution is the rug scientists sweep things under when they don't understand something.
Wind and ocean currents sweep up this garbage and deposit it in this slow-moving gyre.
Within the fortnight, a screaming three-day blizzard would sweep the canyon country.
Soon the monsoon would sweep in, dousing the flames, but not me.
Sweep driveways and patios clean instead of hosing them down.
If someone is speaking to you through the window, move the screen and it will sweep across the caller's room.
Lucky foreigners, it is said, who can render the connotations-and sweep away the inauthentic air of archaism.
Soldiers often clear every room of every building they sweep.
Capturing the sheer joy of being in the sweep of time is no easy task.
It's a misconception that fires sweep over an area uniformly, burning everything to the ground.
Then they open their cavernous maws to let the currents sweep food straight in.
It was spine chilling to see how landlord families were made to climb up chimneys and sweep the streets.
Then, with one wide sweep of my ax, the bamboo falls.
But the agents withdrew after a sweep of the nearby forest turned up a lone suspect.
Other groups carry brooms, or twigs to sweep out their tracks.
They are fragments of dreams in a garage near a small white frame house with a neighboring red barn in the sweep of the plains.
Carefully removing the heavy iron door, he slides his wooden paddle deep inside to sweep out loaf after loaf of steaming bread.
So it's easy to see how a chain reaction of firings can sweep through the brain if conditions are ripe.
The navy envisions a day when swarms of autonomous submarines sweep the ocean floor for mines.
The rapid sweep left a vacuum in its wake, and politics abhors a vacuum.
They want to stop it because they fear it will be wildly successful and sweep humanity toward a pernicious future.
The collection was, in its intellectual sweep, mesmerizing.
And details sweep in and sweep away the possibilities for each little scene to become sufficiently alive to wake up the others.
He does not deign even to sweep aside so unworthy a suggestion.
In their sweep and scorn, however, such statements seem as outdated as they are defensive.
Only when an object, such as a picture, is important to the action is it included in the visual sweep.
We sweep our lights beneath the benches, looking for a tackle box, an unopened bottle of beer.
At this point, having established a historical sweep across several generations, the book noticeably shifts gears.
In the end one has only raised more dust where one wished to make a clean sweep.
These too are a sort of flow that needs to be managed lest it sweep you away.
Inside the buildings workers sweep it, shovel it, and take it back outside.
He almost knew again the cool sweep against his knees, felt the hand cover his face, then the dipping into a sudden rush.
With a sweep of his large ringed hand he instructed me to take the chair to his right.
Entertaining as the early episodes were, they gave little hint of the nocturnal sweep the show would attain.
He would sweep into a hotel conference room filled with several dozen kids and parents.
Sweep arrangements covered by this rule are required to have a dual provisional hold capability.
The bob of my head, the sweep of my arm silently echoed between the mirrors, each reflected image nudging the next.
If the blimps carried a second sheet of positively charged wires, these sheets could sweep up the chlorine.
In contrast, selectively favored variants can sweep to fixation rather quickly.
In the intervening years, the object had moved, appearing to sweep out an orbit through the star's dust cloud.
Pull out the line in a perpendicular direction, and you sweep out a square, an area bounded by four lines.
The gases would sweep neatly past the streamlined projectile but smack into the blunt obturator.
Once published, misinformation is immortal, and it can sweep social networks and newsrooms alike with pandemic fervour.
We can't sweep thousands of years of belief, from any society or organization, under the rug of consciousness.
They explore the everyday life of ordinary people and the tides of change that sweep through whole populations.

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