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Example sentences for sweaty

That's right, shoes that makes sweaty feet feel minty.
Sweaty palms, armpits, and faces are not acceptable.
We soon gave up trying to swat away the insects that buzzed incessantly around our sweaty faces.
The fetid water mingles with hot sticky air laden with the stench of sweaty fights.
What he gives us is terrifying enough: people get sweaty and swell up and go into convulsions.
But now that inventors are relying more and more on computers, invention is becoming far less sweaty.
Too often the soothing rattle-and-purr of their air-conditioners fades into sweaty silence.
Gone are the sweaty officials and greasy baggage handlers of yore, the taxi touts and shoving crowds.
His teacher made him start at daybreak, with sun salutations towards the east until he was sweaty and hot.
The government is setting its sights higher than a few sweaty dancers.
His third was to add rubbery dots that keep the pencils from slipping out of sweaty little hands.
It's hot and sweaty and southerners stereotype northerners as lazy.
Even talking about clowns led to the sweaty palms and shudders.
The frames however are a bit hefty and often slid off our tester's nose when his proboscis got sweaty.
First, figure out which type of shooter you are and start looking for the camera to match your wants, needs and sweaty desires.
He watches exhaustion crease his teammates' sweaty faces and decides not to offer a rousing speech.
It was always cold in the room, but when the cover was placed over the box it made it hot and sweaty inside.
Some ferment acids, producing the smell of sweaty feet.
He was wearing a tie and a shirt that was not yet sweaty.
Buster brought me cool water to drink and wiped my sweaty face.
All of us kids in the yard raking up leaves, scraggly and tired and sweaty.
After days of construction, they turned up resplendent and a little sweaty as a pair of tomatoes.
They wanted to feel the turf under their feet, to steal an up-close glimpse of the players, to place a hand on a sweaty jersey.
They can rescue you from a bad date or a sweaty dance partner.
But he was scarcely alone in the sweaty struggle against discrimination.
When you get into camp each night, your hiking boots are likely to be dusty and sweaty.
The results are familiar: flushed skin, sweaty palms, heavy breathing.
Every once a millennium a monster fast food chain and its sweaty marketing department comes up with an idea that makes us smile.
Sweaty palms, nausea and increased pulse rate are the overt signs of the body's exposure to trauma.
In addition, pesticides are absorbed through hot, sweaty skin more quickly than through cool skin.

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