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Example sentences for swath

We turn into a swath of deep green as twilight seeps into dark.
In the future, a wide swath of companies will sell power.
Innovations, especially digital ones, leave a swath of devastatingly outdated art materials in their wake.
She samples a narrow swath of research and makes inappropriately broad claims that satisfy many readers initial biases.
Now a huge swath of west-facing slope-and the pesky stone structures thereon-have been cleared to make way for a small farm.
But today's ruling potentially cuts a much wider swath.
But, while the regulations may apply to a broad swath of people, not everybody affected can actually read them.
The flow of water through a swath of drought-stricken farmland is complicated.
Any sizable swath of student papers will fairly quickly differentiate themselves, in your mind, according to quality.
If we're going to create a new cropping system for energy production, let's not establish another swath of monoculture.
But some of it--quite a lot of it, actually--gets caught up in that vast swath of dust in between.
In the next two weeks, the company will offer a broad swath.
Her fame consisted of an ever-widening swath of ardor and awe that she left in her wake whenever she sang.
The world of nonprofits and charity dinners and patronage of the arts includes a large swath of the city's power élite.
In short, a great swath of diamonds lies along the coast, and millions of dollars a year pour into the efforts to retrieve them.
Across an alarmingly broad swath of the movement right, that's enough.
The three-story atrium is a busy place with a tiered fountain, a broad swath of cream-color marble, and reflecting pools.
The swath width of the bathymetric system is less than that of the sonar.
The raw swath data were edited to remove values that were considered unreliable.

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