swashbuckling in a sentence

Example sentences for swashbuckling

The pirates portrayed in the movies are usually heartless, swashbuckling, and usually sport an eye patch.
You're convinced he's a swashbuckling archaeologist simply because he's convinced.
Especially in this autumn of austerity, it's great to watch swashbuckling rebels fling gold into the air.
Even in the hurtle and chinook of the vast swashbuckling diesels you hear it.
Swashbuckling fun is in store for you when you go sailing with these books.
Dispels the romantic fantasy about swashbuckling pirates and exposes them as brutal, violent criminals.
We'll have swashbuckling fun with games, arts and crafts and light refreshments.
The show involves romance, swashbuckling and comedy, and there are three meal options available to guests.
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