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For a crystal to turn to liquid, it seems that a type of swarm intelligence causes atoms to move all at once and in sync.
They are a swarm of quick-moving and plotting groups who win by disruption.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to tag more than a few individuals in a herd, flock or swarm.
Swarm theory holds that you move fast and don't worry about securing the rear.
The blue orchards rarely sting and, because of their solitary nature, do not swarm.
Mosquitoes swarm at night, and nobody has come to spray with insecticide.
They also randomly swarm and try to overwhelm online sites and forums they consider annoying.
In fact, the swarm of private-equity firms is doing the economy some good.
See what happens when this swarm pushes the lake to the breaking point.
Bees could be trained, through altered feeding habits, to swarm a vehicle packed with dynamite.
We're hoping they didn't swarm already, leaving behind this new queen.
There will also be a swarm of other booksellers to choose from.
Tourists now swarm through the old mission's whitewashed buildings.
By all accounts, the battlefield of the future could resemble nothing more than a swarm of mechanical locusts.
They smell horrid, are in advance stage of decay, and owe their allegiance to a hive mind which masterminds swarm attacks.
People swarm here to visit museums, protest injustice, or simply play.
Counterinsurgency theory urges commanders to swarm troops into dense population centers in order to win crucial local support.
The swarm of scientists they have investigating the corpse have questions upon questions upon questions.
If you are visited by a swarm of bees, call a local beekeeper organization.
You've been blessed with a swarm, but how unfortunate that it's in a difficult spot.
In it, he places two goldeneye ducks so prominently in the foreground that they threaten to swarm into the viewer's face.
Tiny, stingless sweat bees swarm us, buzzing around our ears and mouths and dive bombing our eyeballs.
Bacteria can swim and swarm, and left to their own devices on nutritious petri dishes some species will form remarkable patterns.
Dip in a hand or foot, and within seconds small fish will swarm, bump and nibble it.
He and his team developed new statistical methods that generate a swarm of likely locations.
It's so sad to see industry shills swarm to stories such as this one.
Likewise heavily armored beetles trust in their protection and also wait out the swarm.
Avoid the unctuous touts who swarm hotel lobbies and tourist sites.
Every year, visitors swarm the tech show to see slick gadgets.
What is not good for the swarm is not good for the bee.
In a little bay she found a whole swarm of little mortals.
Nowadays he can catch an ordinary swarm in a few minutes.
Tourists swarm to the sight of the disaster as police continue to find bodies.
The process eventually leads to a consensus on the best site and the swarm migrates.
Prising open the lid on previous mistakes might unleash a political hornet-swarm.
Non-tourist businesses caught in the swarm should relocate to duller city outskirts.
It is probably easier to build a swarm of self-destructing drones, than to recruit a constant stream of suicide bombers.
Then other ants in the swarm get agitated and sting as well.
It seemed as if the tree had collided with a swarm of sea anemones.
The insects swarm on circuit breakers and other electrical equipment, damaging them severely.
In test runs, the swarm of atoms had shown up only as a faint dispersing fog.
Galaxies swarm and light bends under dark matter's sway.
The unruly swarm of random events described by quantum mechanics, on the other hand, might seem to signify chaos.
Unfortunately, getting a swarm of humans to all work together isn't so easy.
No known swarm of superheated stellar studs crammed into the center.
They landed at the airport, and a swarm of sorts collected about her and her hubby.
When an elephant takes note of a swarm of bees, it emits a distinct rumbling call.
If we're lucky, they might give us the respect that a human being would show an ant colony or a swarm of bees.
It duplicates itself with errors galore, creating a swarm of genetically variable viruses.
Behind every accident is a swarm of crisscrossing intentions.
The paparazzi swarm with their cameras, the tourists swarm with their feet, and a cloud of volcanic ash swarms overhead.
It was too loose to be steered tightly, but it had the innate ability to swarm.
Bugs, attracted to the glare as well as the sweat, swarm overhead.
She would panic navigating the swarm of students in the hallways at school.
Wilhelm was nearly engulfed by the swarm and later complained that bugs had gone into his eyes, his mouth and his uniform.

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