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Court ruled that those swap agreements were not legal because the council was not authorized to trade speculatively.
The next great development in risk management was the swap.
When in need, you probably swap something you have-including money-for something you don't.
Bacteria swap genes with their neighbors more frequently than researchers have realized.
Still, you wouldn't want to swap too many vacation photos on this system.
Then swap in different colors next time to see how it shakes up the flavor.
Swap meets are an excellent place to find them cheap.
The groups then swap cards and play guess the definitions, making notations on the cards of what would be better definitions.
Buying the swap and the security makes you a prudent investor.
Rock climbers, coils of rope slung over their shoulders, swap stories over beer on a patio.
They can also swap genes with animals, which is probably how humans ended up with fly genes.
Reality series in which two families swap mothers for ten days.
Concerns over contagion have caused sovereign credit-default swap spreads to widen, and the cost of borrowing to rise.
We then congregate in a candlelit lounge to swap stories for shots of sake before retiring to the plush futons in our bedrooms.
For longer commutes the battery swap option will become necessary.
Swap dealers used to be able to qualify for exemptions to hedge their risk after they wrote a swap.
The males and females swap parenting duties and the exhausted males go in search of food themselves.
For the clunker, this swap is the last stop before being plundered for parts and scrap metal.
But for those longer trips-say across the outback-there will also be places to swap out depleted batteries for fresh ones.
When the hydrocarbons have all been converted, pull into a filling station and swap for a full converter.
With new tech batteries, an intelligent charging network, and battery swap stations some of these issues can be addressed.
Online clubs offer advice, swap meets, reviews and guidance from seasoned mentors.
The object was to swap the gems around on the grid and try to match three of the same type to earn points.
In line, people greet each other by name and swap jokes.
Flu viruses that rain into this sea of poultry in wild-bird droppings can spread and swap genes with abandon.
If time allows, have groups swap positions after the debate.
Implantation under the skin would be trivial, allowing you to easily swap info with your walls or colon.
Every round you can draw a card or swap a card, but ultimately can you have only one card at a time.
So long as there were plenty of people with whom to swap needles for food, it made sense to acquire such skills.
Lao villagers swap grisly tales of corpses dumped in the river.
We agree that having to swap discs is slow and frustrating.
In the past, it would have taken months or years to swap and compare cultures.
It is no time to swap horses when you are crossing the stream.
It is not best to swap horses while crossing the river.
Participate in a costume swap with friends or other families in your neighborhood.
He specifically focused on a certain type of swap that required a cash collateral as the prices went up.
Locals swap stories of cunning borrowers who buy second homes for a song before deliberately defaulting on their first mortgages.
The election itself will have nothing to do with this job swap.

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