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The authors hypothesize that either wind blew the jellyfish into shallower water or the creatures swam there in search of prey.
The hatchlings swam opposite directions in the two trials-both being the right ones, to stay on the migratory track.
Though wounded, she swam back to shore and survived.
Fish swam up to and all around the underwater camera completely undisturbed.
Consider this scenario: you have to swim to catch your food but you have never swam before in your life.
We locked hands and swam off in the direction of her castle, our movements synchronized as one.
Numerous marine reptiles swam in those waters, including plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs.
We swam with ours in the ocean, left it in the fridge for a couple hours, and even dropped it from a moving vehicle.
Waxen swans swam on this lake, and were mirrored in it.
His head swam with the horror of it, the terror of it.
As he was speaking thus, he spied something of a shining red hue, which swam close to the vessel.
They were in the dark, and little spots of colour swam before them.
Now all the vessels swam with whey, the milk-pails and the bowls, the well-wrought vessels whereinto he milked.
He was in swift but quiet water, and swam toward an overhanging branch.
Mussels swam in a thick brown peppercorn sauce that congealed after a few minutes on the table.
Several sailors swam through the blast hole to escape the flames.
Unlike the shuffling seals of today, the newfound species may have walked as gracefully as it swam, researchers say.
It changed shape as it began to drop, ribs spreading and body flattening as it swam through the air.
Each ring contains a fingerprint of the water chemistry wherever the fish swam on a given day.
The creatures swam in temperate seas and sank to the ocean floor after they died, where their bodies were preserved in soft mud.
He swam with sharks, rafted through the rain forest, and hiked a wild coast amid wallabies and water dragons.
Hesperornis was a large flightless bird that swam in the oceans and snared fish with a tooth-lined beak.
While looking at the wall of barracudas, a couple of white tip sharks swam around the wall.
The foot-long parrotfish tightened their school and swam faster.
One model moved, simulating the behavior of the cleaners when they swam next to surgeon fish to remove parasites.
During that month, my head swam with unlikely disorders from my textbooks to explain this intermingling.
They swam under the rafts and huddled there in terror, watching bullets cut bright slits in the water around them.
The creature's wings swam easily through the air, spreading wide enough to cover almost half the lane.
The pilot was uninjured and swam to a small fishing boat nearby.

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