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Example sentences for swagger

He does scholarship with an often irreverent swagger.
She had the swagger of a good controller, a real pro.
It's the side of him that loves the limelight and accounts for the swagger that creeps into his conversation.
Alas, as with the economy, the commentators had mistaken swagger for authentic talent.
Columnists and bloggers even call for army bosses to fall on their swagger sticks.
For all their swagger, it seems that their success depended as much on their co-workers as their innate talents.
And in his internal defeat-the whimper behind the swagger-he relies on her to set his ambition in motion.
Wood's strikeout proficiency and swagger overcame his weaknesses.
After eight years of misgovernance, it has lost some of its global swagger but also some of its arrogance.
He rarely invites any sympathy at all, and his unrepentant swagger says he wouldn't be caught dead trying.
Jay-Z, rap's long-reigning king, has a new album and the old swagger.
It walks with the swagger of a nation that has its best days ahead.
As he entered the courtroom with gelled hair and a gray suit, he still had a shadow of swagger left from the glory days.
Behind the swagger lurks the coward who built that bunker.
Donovan's confidence was the product not of swagger, but of knowledge.
These fellows swagger into town for a night of joking, drinking, and skirt-chasing-expressed entirely through dance.
So it has that swagger and that sense of commitment and dedication to the journey.
Bob would probably rush right out of a conference with a swagger to give us the news.

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