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Example sentences for swag

Of course, it is open to a thief who believes his swag might have been so marked to attempt such cleaning himself.
Other noteworthy submissions will get other small space swag.
After that, we'll randomly select two commenters to win the swag.
She puts a swag on the back door and wraps her house's columns in garland roping.
Or the thief could have a change of heart and return the swag.
The composition is also influenced by the marketing strategy of companies that pay for the right to place swag in the bags.
Call it a wedding proposal with ahead-of-its-time swag.
Suede heels came in a blend of colors, typically with a swag of satin at one side.
Against a backdrop of tall swag curtains, the band wore white, with.
So let me as a friend advise you to send the swag back.
All film-makers selected for our festival will be receiving some fabulous swag.
Of course, a thief who believes his swag might have been so marked might attempt such cleaning himself.
Maybe we'll track down the first calculator cheap enough to be given away as swag.
Gift suites overflowing with swag, from diamonds and designer jeans to fancy shades and hotel stays.
Once the swag forms, surface water drains to these depressions and accelerates the sinking of the pavement.

Famous quotes containing the word swag

You let me throw the bricks through the front window. You go in at the back and take the swag.... more
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