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To check for parasites, surveyors can swab the abdomen of live butterflies to collect parasite spores.
The swab is fed into a device the size of a computer, which can reliably spot extremely small amounts of explosives.
Volunteers swab turtle mouths with gauze pads and also employ a secret weapon-mayonnaise.
As part of the campaign, she educates people about easy registration, which requires only a quick swab.
Fluid from the urethra is collected on a cotton swab.
Try to catch the discharge outside the nostril on a tissue or swab.
Roll the tissue or swab around, and pull the discharge out of the nose.
As they began to swab it for chemical residue, a series of raised dots emerged.
The health care provider may swab the area and send it for a culture.
Touching your legs in many places with a pin, cotton swab, or feather tests how well you feel.
The swab should then be short enough to allow the snap cap to fit on the tube.

Famous quotes containing the word swab

Look Johnny, Spig just joined the Navy. I'm married to it. I run the mess hall. I swab the deck. I chip the... more
He'd strangle on his own spit if he didn't have me around here to swab his throat out for him.... more

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