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He was a moralist who did not parade his moral, but who used it as the sustaining skeleton of his narrative.
Responsible for developing and sustaining relationships within the college and the community at large.
If meetings are often frustrating, they are also an indispensable part of sustaining any organization of even moderate complexity.
Cherry picking programs in demand will always provide better results than sustaining a broad set of courses and degrees.
Sustaining the vision of a venerable little magazine will become an afterthought.
Sustaining a dead body until its organs can be harvested is a tricky process requiring the latest in medical technology.
Such problems in sustaining food production in a region are inevitably reflected in food prices and in food security.
New self-sustaining dog houses are perfect for the eco-conscious pooch owner.
As the brain's feedback controls get rewired, the neurons end up in a self-sustaining loop, producing a constant ringing.
Nothing here is too taxing-though some choices are more sustaining than others.
But their punishing high-speed hits come with an added risk of sustaining concussions.
In my mind, it seems this would be all self sustaining not requiring an outside power source once it got into production.
Funds are crucial provided that national health systems are capable of sustaining what is implemented.
The process of blood donation is not a right but a privilege to provide a life sustaining product to someone who requires it.
Colonizing space will teach us to be self-sustaining without damaging worlds that sustain us.
Mantle is responsible for sustaining our air, water and our atmosphere and ionosphere.
My goal was to make the habitat as self-sustaining as possible and to maximize the use of the continuous solar exposure.
The latter have a vested interest in maintaining and sustaining the drug trade.
There's an argument for diverse neighborhood structure that supports transit and that is self-sustaining.
They were self-sustaining because the heated rocks ejected the water as steam.
We need open-access journals that will be self-sustaining.
US-sponsored bilateral negotiations have become a formula for sustaining an otherwise untenable status quo.
It would be deeply radicalizing and terrorism-sustaining-obviously.
The world's largest dead zone may be chock-full of life-sustaining energy, a new study says.
In these dark depths, chemosynthesis-based on thermal and chemical energy from the vents-is the primary mechanism sustaining life.
Even sustaining today's public services out of taxes alone looks impossible.
In the long term, however, the firms' success depends on sustaining reserves.
The first is the strength of the recovery-whether it is self-sustaining, or still propped up by government stimulus.
But none of these became self-sustaining in the way that science is today.
Mobile-phone networks are built by private companies, not governments or charities, and are economically self-sustaining.
Great brilliance, fantastic powers of recall and quick wit are clearly valuable in sustaining conversation at these cosmic levels.
Over the past two months the government has announced a series of measures aimed at sustaining domestic demand.
Proteins then go on to do the work of sustaining life.
But tourism is perfectly capable of sustaining a transportation system.
He's done of the evening after sustaining the concussion in the second half.
Exercise is helpful for maintaining a sense of well-being, keeping warm, and sustaining skin flexibility.
Maybe the economic measures already taken will end up doing the trick, jump-starting a self-sustaining recovery.
It's based on changing your lifestyle habits quickly and sustaining those healthy changes for the long term.
That's made building and sustaining a movement against global warming so challenging.
It makes sense, then, that sustaining the forests would be the first step in saving the wildlife.
By understanding the principles of creating and sustaining win-win alliances, you can grow your business capability and profits.

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