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We don't know if that is sustainable or if the catch is increasing dramatically.
He says widespread hunting will be needed to reduce deer populations to a sustainable level.
Cities will get bigger, of course, and suburbs will grow but will need to become more environmentally sustainable.
The company is focused on sustainable travel practices and provides flexible hand-crafted itineraries and knowledgeable guides.
The cups are part of a growing trend in sustainable packaging, which has had its own bumps.
One is that coal can be used in less damaging, more sustainable ways than it is now.
The increased development and maintenance of strong, sustainable cities and towns will not happen without a concerted effort.
With food, first aid and books sourced from other sustainable protest villages.
Kellogg alone has funded the majority of the sustainable food movement's efforts over the past decade.
First, there is no single sustainable model for national success.
The foundation of sustainable food production is the wise use of resources.
High savings were sustainable when the population was younger, wealthy, and growing.
They believe that the country is not on a sustainable track and something significant must change.
So even though some jobs will be lost, those workers may be put in a better position to compete in more sustainable careers.
It was not your average sustainable food panel discussion.
Strong art and music programs are balanced with growing research in a number of sustainable energy areas.
Every city must create sustainable and necessary infrastructure.
At that point, he says, it will be financially sustainable.
Branding with a sustainable theme is becoming more common.
Fish farming could be a sustainable source of food in future.
It appears to be a first step toward introducing sustainable wind power to ski resorts on an industry-wide scale.
Fortunately, much better solutions exist once the focus is put squarely on nurturing sustainable development.
We contend, however, that no-till is a positive step in the evolution toward more sustainable farming.
One of the persistent questions about sustainable development is how to help the world's poorest people.
They think high oil prices may spur a sustainable clean-energy boom.
Raising the sustainable rate of growth is a long-term task.
Firstly, the fuel source must be environmentally sustainable and not compete with existing food resources.
But the government will be careful about reversing stimulus measures until it is certain the recovery is sustainable.
But this does not seem sustainable in the long term.
And the fact that some of your finest achievements are aped by rivals does not make them sustainable.
However, there are reasons to doubt that the recovery will be sustainable.
As well as providing them with basic building skills and access to sustainable building materials.
His ideas of sustainable rocket-powered flight were ridiculed by some colleagues early on, and laughed at in the press.
The thesis is validated learning: learning how to create a sustainable business.
Eco-friendly materials, a vital component of sustainable building, come from renewable rather than nonrenewable resources.
Saving energy and finding new sources of energy are both critical to a sustainable future.
Diamond makes clear that both authoritarian and participatory systems have led historically to sustainable ends, or to collapse.
Proposals that are all restrictions and no benefits are neither likely to succeed nor sustainable.
The public must alter their energy consumption habits to live a more sustainable life.
The dwelling is subtle, chic, and the epitome of modern-day sustainable living.
On missions that may last several years, astronauts will need a sustainable, renewable source of animal protein.
Not only does this ensure a lot of variety in her diet, she says, it also is a more sustainable way to eat.
We need to create a sustainable lifestyle that doesn't harm our ecosystem.
Eating meat does not cause global warming if it is done in a sustainable way.
And to experiment to see if life is sustainable on that planet they should use something living and set it on the planet.
The investment needed to provide environmentally sustainable development, as it's called, is small potatoes by comparison.
People fleeing the drought moved south, where irrigation-fed agriculture was still sustainable.
My reasons for doing so are all about the humane treatment of animals and support for local, sustainable agriculture.
Whether it's sustainable long-term remains to be seen, as we've only had the loans scheme for twenty years.
Not a sustainable model for someone for whom blogging is a hobby, not a vocation.
And perhaps the profession needs to be allowed to contract back to sustainable levels.
Accounts of religious experience that ignore the content of religious belief are not sustainable.
Its organic, sustainable bento recipes are terrific, but what's really stunning are the vibrant illustrations of bento.
Low carb meal plans are sustainable when you have a reason to follow them.
If you lose the organic certification for the sustainable farms and organic wineries you have another huge problem.
The floors are reclaimed bamboo, and the workstations are made of a sustainable washed oak.
And all food, wine, and beverages offered are organic and sustainable.
The foundation creates businesses that employ survivors, providing them with a sustainable way to support themselves.
TreeHugger is the go-to guide and news feed for sustainable living.
Fashion and furniture mainstays are manufacturing products using sustainable materials.
Building sustainable practices one decision at a time.
Sustainable community development embraces a wide array of opportunities and options.
Promoting sustainable energy and connecting lives.
The trick is to get it out of the ground economically and efficiently and to do it in an environmentally sustainable manner.
Government subsidies will no longer be politically sustainable after.
Alas, whether this model is ultimately sustainable for marketplace development remains an open question.
The fact that no one else was addressing the problem in a sustainable way focused us on the problem.
Renewable energy will ultimately be a critical element of a more sustainable world.
So it is ironic that oil profits are being used to create a more sustainable future.
For any expansion to be sustainable, the growth in resource consumption cannot exceed the growth in resource production.
These systems must be affordable, sustainable, and realistic.
Nuclear energy gives us a clean and sustainable energy option, in spite of the hysteria surrounding it.
The real question with all sustainable energy sources is about storage.
It's not about squeezing in as many humans as possible but a sustainable life for animals and humans together.
It's time for research grants to go to more sensible sustainable alternatives.
As others have pointed out, these trends are not sustainable for both economic and supply reasons.
That's the only sustainable, clean, renewable technology that exists today.
First, to build a sustainable economy requires positive phases, not immediate results.
Hence a sustainable pattern of take-over is required.
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