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The water features create an urban habitat that attracts birds and can sustain fish and turtles.
It will be impossible to sustain the unequal land distribution as the population increases.
If you look at food, food essentially is how people sustain life.
Sometimes films get made to mark anniversaries, or celebrate figures important enough to sustain more than one movie.
But the more an emerging economy resembles the leaders, the harder it is to sustain the pace.
Off course, devolution is favoured by themselves, because it would sustain the financial transfers.
Its growth in the past two quarters was too fast to sustain, resulting in a worrisome rise in inflation.
He has cash and guns to sustain him, as well as cunning, ruthlessness and do-or-die determination.
The party will also have to work harder to sustain the urbanisation that has fuelled the economy.
The whole purpose of the ecosystem is to sustain life.
Yet evidence to sustain such dire warnings is conspicuously absent.
The vast source of water could one day be used to generate oxygen or sustain a moon base.
Little chips kindle the fire and big logs sustain it.
It was necessary to sustain the captain without question, and in a few minutes all the sailors charged with mutiny were in irons.
In flea time it seemed hardly possible that a dog of his size could sustain his population.
He must therefore seek a champion to sustain his innocence.
The heavenly souls that have left me will come back to sustain and inspire.
The arguments to sustain that policy carefully excluded it.
In this season dozens of bears may gather to feast on the fish, craving fats that will sustain them through the long winter ahead.
In winter, plants may yield enough moisture to sustain a camel without water for several weeks.
Still, a few grains of truth have helped sustain the story.
As the world's population continues to grow, the amount of fresh water needed to sustain life also rises.
At a certain weight, it actually becomes impossible for plant-eating mammals to gather and chew enough food to sustain themselves.
Our philosophy is that vigorous and respectful adventure travel can help sustain and repair a region.
The fact is there are too many people on this planet for the planet to sustain and its only getting worse.
The parasites have destroyed so many oxygen-carrying red cells that too few are left to sustain vital functions.
Coral bleaching occurs when warming waters cause corals to expel the colorful algae that sustain them.
To the extent that the university is perceived to provide an excellent education, it will be able to sustain higher tuition fees.
We strive to build and sustain a welcoming and supportive campus environment.
Also, be sure and say how you can sustain your program once the grant expires.
Need to find a way to self sustain these costs or they are going to become prohibitive in the future.
If you don't sustain an investment, you lose the chance to gain momentum.
My descriptions are not meant to create or sustain stereotypes, suggesting that all development professionals fit certain molds.
Democracies and large scale social systems demand informed citizens if they are going to sustain their effective functioning.
We should indeed do the things in our power, and within reason, to sustain the planet.
The problem is that this level of commitment, which borders on obsessive-compulsive behavior, is difficult to sustain.
They know that any more long term obligations are something they cannot sustain.
Our national myths about the value of these degrees will sustain the imbalance in pay relative to the humanities.
The program has also prompted questions about the university's ability to sustain it during an economic slump.
With the current economic situation, more people are seeking for job in order to sustain their needs.
The spring is too hot to sustain enough algae and plankton to feed them all.
Now a new study shows that such bees and the plants that sustain them are declining in tandem--for reasons unknown.
Unlike living cells, they typically soon run out of the enzymes necessary to sustain the reaction.
When the stressors to survival that elicited fear disappear the organism returns to normal behaviors that sustain life.
As temperatures rise, temperature-sensitive algae that sustain the coral are expelled or killed.
In order to sustain your weight removal you have to do it in a way that allows you to sustain.
The number of potential customers is large enough to sustain your business.
Gets good hand placement, but needs to keep his base wider as he will overextend, causing him to not sustain blocks for long.
As commercial interests in college sport continue to grow, the fictions understandably become more difficult to sustain.
Alas, the pleasures on offer to the live human astronaut may be too abstract to sustain our imaginative largess.
From that point on, there has to be enough substance to the group to sustain them through the post-hype phase.
It is the duty of the general public to sustain them in their endeavors.
Yet for all the youthful energy, many here doubt current protests can sustain their momentum.
Moral hazard may be somewhat limited, since mortgage holders will sustain the first loss.
It's a way of life trying desperately to sustain itself and justify its own existence.
The moment of truth comes when they fail to sustain prosperity.
But it's a great mystery to me how those writers who teach every year sustain their writing.
Arms control is now being used to sustain asymmetrical advantage.
The idea that sustainability eventually has to be able to sustain itself.
No economy can sustain such high levels of debt and taxation.
We feel his surprise and pleasure in discovering the line's power to sustain itself and carry him further and deeper into himself.
Few modern poems can be said to sustain such a pitch, or hazard such a reach.
No matter how well trained people are, few can sustain their best performance on their own.
The role of the government is to sustain demand and help the economy avoid such disastrous outcomes.
The forests abruptly ended-the country below being too dry in summer to sustain tall trees.
Fleeting glances conveying warmth cannot sustain the relationship.
Adele likes to sit pretty, and thusly seems to suggest that it's possible to sustain a performance on voice alone.
But there's no new or revived ism to sustain the values and ideas behind these achievements.
He cannot sustain the illusion of intellectual command.
The richness of our individual personalities is a measure of the complexity of the relations that sustain us.
Levine shows how one great research university has struggled to sustain and refresh these standards and goals.
Some have to do with the sheer size of the country: shared purposes are difficult to organize and sustain on an imperial scale.
But outrage at genocide is tragically difficult to sustain.
It also strove to sustain worldwide strategic commitments far beyond its shrunken means.
The goal is to restore, over large portions of the continent, the abiotic and biotic processes that sustain biodiversity.
The question of whether the movement could tolerate, let alone sustain, a market economy was a big one on both sides.
But some experts are already questioning whether the company will be able to sustain itself.
Something tells me this one is going to be difficult to sustain.
The modes of business that sustain a new technology influence its further development.
Much longer-term use is needed to sustain behavioral changes that have a real impact on health.
They have forced this individual to change their moods, prevent thoughts, and sustain energy in and around the body.
Some other fissile material would have to be added to the core material to sustain the chain reaction.
All is gone for the sake of controlling what nature did to replenish and sustain the delta.
We have a solid rock to stand on, liquid water to sustain us, and an atmosphere to shield us from radiation.
Whether it can exist in a form that can sustain life isn't the question people should be asking.
When your heart beats too slowly, it can't sustain the blood pressure needed to feed oxygen to the brain, and down you go.
Get there, set up shop, figure out how to establish life there and then sustain it.
Probably due to a lack of calcium, which helps sustain cardiac muscle contraction.
The lander will sustain payload operations with generous power and communications.
Micronutrients help build and sustain the brain's architecture and fuel its biochemistry.
To sustain water, there must have been some sort of greenhouse gas to hold in the heat.
To sustain life in a lab, you need to enjoy day-to-day science.
We have gone from planet to planet using its resources until the planet can no longer sustain us.
Its the planet itself, a living planet with a billion years before its local star gets to hot to sustain life.
So the physical nature of the forest produces a feedback loop which allows it to sustain itself.
There's a button for a sustain pedal, and the virtual keys are touch sensitive.
The people and places around you are what sustain you.
And they don't have long term plans for how they are going to sustain themselves.

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