suss in a sentence

Example sentences for suss

It was difficult to suss out the reasons for all the delays.
But there are general principles, and also things you can do to suss things out in advance.
To suss this out, you'll need the help of an experienced travel clinician.
In the end the group decided to try and suss out whether the bees homed in on nectar-laden flowers using color or spatial cues.
But it could also be something for which you're never going to be able to really suss out the answer.
So it's a move in the right direction when people try to suss out connections between two variables they have a hunch are related.
Looking at the neural recordings let the scientists suss out when and how the brain was overloaded with information.
Researchers are taking advantage of the process in order to shut down genes selectively and thus suss out their functions.
It's easy enough to suss out this theme yourself, so get solving.
As is the case each year, the first order of business is to suss out the big themes of the show before it actually happens.
Not only do you have to suss out the theme from a group of starred clues, but you have to dig for it.
And it was still possible to suss out a gem from the rough.
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