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Example sentences for suspiciously

But you can't hide much in those file types without it being suspiciously large.
The camp was jealous of its privileges and looked suspiciously on strangers.
The claim sounds suspiciously reductionist, with complicated social realities subjugated to a few neat parameters.
He has been cursed at on the road, threatened by strangers, and glanced at suspiciously in malls.
In order to work the dagger, you press a red jewel on the hilt, which suspiciously resembles a button on a game controller.
For decades geologists had noticed suspiciously marine-looking fossils embedded in those ores.
The term is often used loosely to describe any investment that looks suspiciously profitable.
We hardly heard a word about the south for a long time-suspiciously long.
Although a country's financial tendons may heal suspiciously quickly, they are permanently weakened each time they snap.
Suspiciously, the inhabitants of the house burned their own rubbish instead of putting it out for collection.
He was acting suspiciously, they said, and they thought he resembled the sketch of a rapist they were seeking.
The packaging of perfume may smell suspiciously transparent, but there is a message in every bottle.
Suspiciously high candidates were even more easily detected.
If a computer starts to behave suspiciously, they pull its plug to the network.
Review your credit report for accounts you did not open and for account balances that are suspiciously high.
Notify the police immediately after seeing a motorist who is driving suspiciously.
Residents are cautioned to not approach or challenge anyone acting suspiciously.
In the rubble investigators uncovered a vehicle identification number on a piece of wreckage that seemed suspiciously obliterated.
Note and report anyone who does not appear to belong there or who acts suspiciously.
If you see someone acting suspiciously, stealing, or breaking into a home or building.
The youths were acting suspiciously in a high crime area.
But they've also created obstacles for law-enforcement officials, who are viewed suspiciously by some of the same advocacy groups.
If the shopkeeper gives you a product that is packed or wrapped suspiciously, don't buy it.
While patrolling the area during high fire danger conditions, park firefighters noticed the individuals acting suspiciously.

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