suspenseful in a sentence

Example sentences for suspenseful

It's what makes the fight scenes somewhat suspenseful.
Expectations of a long, suspenseful wait accounted in part for the mood of grim determination that many voters seemed to show.
Despite the otherworldly conceit, it is a stylish, well-made crime show that is suspenseful but not scary enough to disturb sleep.
It is suspenseful, horrifying and at times intensely moving.
During a suspenseful part, slow down and lower your voice.
It is better to stop reading at a suspenseful point than to risk listener fatigue.
He borrowed numerous theatrical devices and translated them to his canvases to create dramatic, suspenseful scenes.
These and other suspenseful, and delightful, stories of our maritime past are here for your discovery.
Beautifully written, deeply suspenseful, this is a book you won't want to put down.
Crowds held their breaths in suspenseful wonderment, then the engine sputtered and the propeller spun around.
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