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Example sentences for suspense

These findings make us realize good storytelling doesn't rely on lingering suspense.
There was never any suspense you simply did not check the public facts before posting.
Then suspense builds when the dinosaurs mistakenly wake up, due to the wrong medication that counteracts the deep sleep.
Not only that, they have more years of being oriented to the suspense of waiting for things to pay off much, much later.
The video game's sound effects seem to fade behind a muffling curtain of suspense.
Those were voices for a great drama and endless national suspense.
She watched her development with a kind of amused suspense.
Toddy drew out the suspense of his audience, enjoying the glances and whispers.
At the risk of minimizing the real danger to all involved, there was incredible, messy narrative suspense to the whole situation.
Live television loves suspense, especially if it is paired with great visuals.
Artistic license, suspense of disbelief, and all that jazz.
Something has to keep the lovers apart for a while to build suspense and the audience's sympathy before they can get together.
There is nothing exciting about it, nor is it hung on a line of strong suspense.
It possessed all the elements of suspense, of sudden and concentrated action and of heroic accomplishment against odds.
The film's climax is a crescendo of mortal suspense that also includes elements of farce.
The story has no laughs, no thrills and no suspense.
None of the past equivocation, the lingering questions, the suspense.
If suspense copy is an extra copy, destroy immediately.
If suspense copy is the file copy, incorporate it into the official files.
We reinstate the individual after a period of suspense or termination.

Famous quotes containing the word suspense

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