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New regulations were postponed, and federal audits and program reviews were suspended.
Water suspended the soot, keeping the ink runny enough to write with.
If clay particles are suspended in the water because of poor water chemistry, spread barley straw or hay around the shore.
The top floor opens to a balcony shaded by a red-and-yellow awning suspended on metal brackets.
The sentence was suspended last month, but her fate looks dicey.
Rainbows appear when light originating from the sun is refracted and reflected by small water droplets suspended in the air.
But unlike the other slugs, they mate while suspended from a long thread of slime.
Instead, they'll fall into a kind of suspended animation, or hibernation.
Last year, the college suspended four faculty members who participated in a campus protest against cuts to course offerings.
But the real damage was to the local coal-mining industry: work has been suspended pending investigation.
Participants usually dance on a board suspended over a hole or buried pot to produce resonance.
The treaty's ratification process has therefore been suspended in both chambers.
As a result, limits on charitable deductions are temporarily suspended.
Last year two members of the executive committee were suspended for soliciting bribes from undercover reporters.
Drinking and smoking had gotten him suspended from high school.
The dissolved and suspended types of river load are relatively easy to measure.
Shareholder dividends, suspended during the height of that crisis, were reinstated.
Inside are two joined hemispheres of perforated aluminum that contain a suspended bridge.
They're small enough that they disperse into the ocean, where they stay suspended.
The frogs, however, enter a state of suspended animation.
The ballplayer was found guilty of battery, but a friendly judge suspended his sentence.
Political correctness was also in suspended animation.
The other three wrote to say their searches have been temporarily suspended and they will keep my application on file.
They then filmed a variety of shots from an overhead angle using a suspended video camera.
Suspended in liquid, the flakes are then deposited onto a substrate to form a film.
The entire ceiling is actually suspended from the true ceiling by chains.
Trade unions called a general strike, then suspended it when fuel retailers promised not to raise prices-but did.
Commercial fishing has been suspended in the vicinity of the spill.
The scientists attached wires to the ski jumpers and suspended them from the tunnel roof.
Attach a car to the ceiling and it'll be suspended realistically.
Larger particles get deposited in fans that point in the direction of surface winds, while smaller pieces remain suspended above.
However, my fear can be suspended if the cause of the injury is humorous.
Credit card processing has been suspended in the food court.
Feeds on tiny plants and animals suspended in the water.
Suspended sediment and chemical run off from farming and sewage create other stresses.
The pair made the circles by pushing down nearly ripe crops with a wooden plank suspended from a rope.
Bus service through the park is suspended and some campgrounds close.
There are also cameras that are suspended above the venue and can move back and forth on wires.
Louise, suspended over the immense drop, nearly suffers heart failure.
These notorious bats sleep during the day in total darkness, suspended upside down from the roofs of caves.
Students that were arrested have been suspended, pending a due-process review.
It's common for it to be suspended during flu season.
It was successfully implemented during the first month, and then fighting resumed and many planned activities were suspended.
They found them but eventually ran out of money and suspended their work.
Lights suspended above the tanks extend daylight hours in fall and spring to keep the fish feeding longer and growing faster.
Instead he imagines that the web was suspended close alongside a hanging glob of sap.
On a digital display, the scientists pointed out strange squiggles-either trout or sunken logs, suspended vertically.
It has the same soothing temperatures and cobalt color, an effect of suspended minerals in the water.
They made the circles by pushing down nearly-ripe crops with a plank suspended from a rope.
Three senate presidents have been suspended or have resigned because of scandals in the past eight years.
Another ancient way to make ink is to use dyes, in which the colour is dissolved rather than suspended in its solvent.
The scientists first suspended microscopic water droplets in an oily mixture.
Raw sewage sludge is a liquid heavy with suspended solids that have been separated out of sewage during the treatment process.
The device consisted of a weight delicately suspended in a large bronze urn, ringed by dragons with hinged jaws.
The duodenum is at first suspended by a mesentery, and projects forward in the form of a loop.
Upon the will and character of a single individual hung suspended, apparently, the life and weal of every human being.
As they entered they beheld a shield suspended from a pilaster of gold.
It is suspended from the lingual nerve by two filaments which join the anterior and posterior parts of the ganglion.
Others beheld suspended over their heads huge rocks, threatening to fall, keeping them in a state of constant alarm.
Cubes of buttery croissants suspended in a rich custard hide a layer of caramelized apples scented with cinnamon.
Officers have been suspended in both cases, and investigations are under way.
She found him reading the paper, one leg suspended in the air, as he was pulling on a sock.
The ribbon, in turn, is suspended from a neckband of light-blue watered-silk ribbon twenty inches long.
His tools, notably a three-pound ball-peen hammer, clanked in a greasy leather bag suspended from the handlebars.
The sky was a pale-blue dome suspended over motionless white clouds.
He brought in gifts from the royal couple-an engraved box and a coral amulet suspended from a leather strap.
All day and all night, the nurses have emptied the plastic collecting bags suspended from the side rail of the bed, exclaiming.
Film is basically a lot of silver halide crystals suspended in gelatin on a plastic backing.
The projectile actually floats in the tube, suspended by the magnetic field, so it never even touches the coils.
Operations had to be suspended because of a build-up of methane in the mine.
Suspended in water, the spheres scatter white light randomly.
But when they are suspended within a frame, multiple bubbles join together and pull at one another equally from all sides.
But lots of water vapor does produce a haze from the tiny droplets suspended in the air.
They're actually only in a suspended state, that's what the formaldehyde is for.
The solder gains both its strength and magnetic properties from iron particles suspended in the mixture.
To serve as part of a holographic system, the protein is suspended in a polymer gel.
And the mice stayed in this suspended state for six hours.
Other sensors will be fixed to buoys and suspended at various depths.
He envisions that the peptides could be sprinkled over wounds as dry particles or suspended in a gel.
Once the rice plants produced the toxins, they were fed to mice in a powder form suspended in water.
It will remove suspended particles and bacteria, but it won't remove dissolved salts.
They don't try to simplify matters but to complicate them, to add nuance upon nuance and keep all judgments suspended.
The sense that normal legal restraints had been suspended showed up elsewhere.
There she is, suspended in her own story, unable to follow the plot.
As resistance has grown, the rule of law has step by step been suspended.
In this way they created a world suspended from the meshes of their stories.
Frederick alone refused and was suspended from school for ten days as punishment.
At one point, a tossed boulder hangs suspended in midair-a bug that needs to be fixed.
Parking meter regulations are also suspended on major legal holidays.

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