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Bring re-sealable plastic bags to any occasion where you suspect food will be served.
Every bank is suspect and any bank seeking to raise money by selling a position is more suspect than ever.
The cause of half the deaths is still unknown, but officials suspect red tide might have played a role.
Such advances could allow law enforcement to sketch a description from clues in a suspect s genes.
Scientists suspect the behavior may benefit the birds by attracting insects or signaling to other owls that the nest is occupied.
Astronomers suspect the system was once made up of two stars that formed billions of years ago.
Once a leak occurs, he will narrow down the number of triplets that remain suspect.
They suspect that a fishing vessel picked it up accidentally.
In several others, however, the science played a crucial role in narrowing the suspect field and ultimately led to an arrest.
Police deem this out-dated, as a suspect can switch rapidly from one cellphone to another.
Others suspect that knowing you nailed it might conjure a larger target in your memory.
If you do it in the science department, you're a little suspect.
The suspect they were looking for was not there, but three others were arrested for marijuana and cocaine possession.
Outside a liquor store, a policeman pats down a suspect.
Following in a giant dinosaur's footsteps could be fatal-but not for the reasons you might suspect.
Doctors suspect that both conditions are allergic reactions to the drug.
Cootie catchers are a popular means of fortune telling, but their accuracy is somewhat suspect.
The researchers suspect this moth was poisonous, too.
Many scientists suspect the dolphin may already be extinct.
Detectives suspect many more get through with a few kilos and a bribe.
The scientists suspect poachers killed the elephants.
Extraordinary results need to be held suspect until confirmed independently.
But more sceptical observers suspect a political motivation.
The researchers suspect that the cooler temperatures do not provide enough opportunities to reanimate and reproduce.
They suspect there may also be a second planet orbiting the red giant, which would be a first.
Those who suspect a bubble face the same dilemma as textbook prisoners: it makes sense to act sensibly only if others do so too.
Some scientists suspect the hemoglobin is a contaminant.
Many theorists suspect that the total vacuum energy is exactly zero.
Astronomers suspect the system was once two stars, which formed billions of years ago.
But they suspect the rodents produce fewer free radicals over time.
Biologists suspect that a mixture of chemicals-not a single toxin-is causing the belugas to develop such high cancer rates.
Part of what made me suspect the router was that the lights on the modem all indicated that it was working.
Scientists have not targeted the source of estrogen, but many suspect it stems from certain pollutants and drugs in waterways.
The campus police suspect the burglar wanted a free computer, not a cache of personal data.
The negative comments in here are shocking and even suspect.
We suspect there was more than a little consideration given to marketability as well.
Brain scientists are beginning to suspect that it is.
Indeed, plenty of people suspect that lorry-loads of stuff collected for recycling end up in landfill instead.
If enemies intercepted the tablet, they wouldn't suspect it contained anything strange.
Scientists suspect the larger, more mysterious, rays are highly migratory animals that wander the world's seas.
However, it would still not require authorities to get a warrant to obtain past cellphone location data of a suspect.
For economists, any explanation of change involving greed or self-dealing is always highly suspect.
But they suspect that the foreigners might bring about more subtle changes.
The suspect then walked through a breezeway of the complex, and officers on foot lost track of him.
The differences are so slight that the researchers suspect them to be functionally irrelevant.
Scientists suspect it has been controlling koala populations naturally for years.
Some suspect that airborne dust could be a built-in response to global temperature changes.
Some scientists also suspect there might be physiological reasons for obsessive tanning, she said.
We suspect that the same is true of other advanced courses, whether in mathematics or literature or psychology.
He was right to suspect that the tax cuts might be saved by indebted families.
The big benefits of soy milk are now suspect, even as coffee is seeing a reprieve.
For each suspect, the five witnesses take a vote about whether the suspect has drugs or not.
Astronomers suspect cosmic rays may have pirated the energy for their own accelerating purposes.
So far it hasn't erupted violently, but experts suspect it will someday.
Nor is it clear that banning a suspect chemical is always the best option.
He who is free from vice himself is the slower to suspect it in others.
On this subject you need not suspect any deception on your feelings.
He knew so little of the real life of these neophytes as never to suspect that their conduct and character were far from ascetic.
We suspect that it will not make our work any easier.
It is more disgraceful to suspect our friends than to be deceived by them.
The bees never suspect his game, else by taking a circuitous route they could easily baffle him.
It is quite reasonable to suspect that one deals here with an unintentional suggestion.
Nobody who was not would suspect the presence of the rear houses, though they have been there long enough.
But there's still an impulse to fix on foreigners and outsiders as being suspect, as being somehow responsible.
We suspect that many customers return each year for something more than cremated herring and fine chocolate pie.
Some have even begun to suspect that, basking in the glow of fame, he may be unwilling to share the political spotlight.
They soon determined there was no reason to suspect misappropriation or fraud.
And there are good reasons to suspect that prices will stay high for a while yet.
The bank is also exposed to suspect municipal projects.
But you may suspect, and the economist should know, that this is not the whole truth.
First they blocked e-mails containing suspect words or links.
Discover the symptoms of what you suspect might be cancer, say, and you can make an appointment with your choice of family doctor.
It was also, he thought, permissible to reduce the suspect's feelings of guilt by minimising the moral seriousness of his offence.
PCs are typically the first place forensic scientists look when they suspect suspicious activity.
The severity of my patient's diet made me suspect that he was living with an eating disorder.
While the situations-research subject vs crime suspect-are of course quite different, the parallels are enough to give one pause.
They suspect that the enzyme is not one that is essential to life but is somehow conducive to a long and healthy one.
They also don't have to wait for a suspect to be videotaped and thus get more time to practice lying.
But the suspect, who claimed his innocence, said he had no idea how the fire started.
Some researchers suspect more such fossils are waiting to be found.
Properly trained law enforcement officers are suitably equipped to take down a suspect without brutality.
She didn't think she'd ingested any suspect food or tainted water, but after all, she had been on vacation.
He let it rumble and stop, rumble and stop three full times so that the caller would not suspect how lonely he was.
Not a single terror suspect has been tried before a military commission.
The police have the suspect under twenty-four-hour surveillance.
Suspect professors were blacklisted, as were many of our own two decades ago.
Worse even, if they were actually to enjoy a book, they would suspect it to be frivolous.
Her parents suspect she stopped taking her medication.
At the end of the forty-five-day period, the government would have to release the suspect or charge him criminally.
There was, on the face of it, no reason to suspect such a thing.
Same suspect possibly responsible for three crimes this morning.
If they had a suspect, they weren't saying who it was.
The crowd applauded at the exact moments you'd suspect they would applaud.
To law-enforcement officials, some of those lawyers are as suspect as the mobsters.
Organizations relying on heavy truck are suspect to switch not because of the expense, but dependability.
If you suspect this is the case, try spam proofing all web forms by adding captchas or other deterrents.
Few might suspect the solution to the world's energy problems will come out of the esoteric field of catalysis science.

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