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Fish misidentification is especially common at sushi restaurants, partly because they use various names for the same fish.
Serve the salmon with sushi rice if you have time, or simply steam some fragrant jasmine rice.
He even had one of his friends teach us how to make sushi.
It is an essential food source for many marine animals such as cod or lobster, as well as a common ingredient in sushi.
They'll be fattened for the sushi market, where their buttery meat fetches high prices.
The sushi and sashimi are a treat and the baked salmon is also a winner.
Sushi is made from flavored rice covered with slices of raw or cooked fish and vegetables.
Additionally, the restaurant also has an expansive selection of vegetable and fish specialty sushi rolls and cooked rolls.
If you're a sushi lover, order a combo to sample a few different sushi selections.
The sushi is as fresh as it can possibly be, straight from the ocean onto your plate.
Sushi bar offerings include by-the-piece sushi and sashimi, house-specialty rolls and sashimi and sushi combination plates.
Order dinner for two and receive a feast of sushi rolls, hot entrees, sides and dessert.
The dining room's high-end interior features stone-covered walls, bamboo room dividers and a sushi bar.
Kids can choose from three meals all served with fruit, plus vegetarians are treated to meat-free sushi, tempura and noodles.
For sushi lovers, dine in the sushi lounge for an impressive menu of sashimi, sushi and hand rolls.
When dining as a couple, order a variety of sushi from the menu and a few appetizers to share.
Udon and soba are also on the menu, as well as a large variety of unique sushi roll creations.
GW couldn't help but tell him how incredibly-and pleasantly-surprised he was at the quality of the exceptional sushi.
Sushi is everyone's favorite, so if anyone brings that up, we'll all go for that.
The ancient precursor of sushi would probably be unrecognizable to the modern diner.
Sushi is permissible except for mackerel, shark, tilefish and swordfish.
There, for breakfast, try the freshest sushi in the world.
Roll the stack over the quail eggs as though you were making sushi.
Sushi is fine stuff, but it doesn't exactly convey a holiday mood.
Pressed sushi is covered with a thin speckled film of kombu, edible kelp: it looks as if lacquer had been applied over the rice.
While none of the sushi rolls are shabby, it's probably best to stick with the fresh-tasting salmon rolls.
One room of the house is furnished completely with sofas and cushions in the shape of sushi rolls.
The sushi operation was ordered to close immediately and no sushi, either from the sushi bar menu or main menu, could be offered.
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