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Larger-leafed types are more susceptible to winter damage.
If you want to grow a variety that is susceptible, plant it in a sunny spot that gets plenty of air circulation.
Make sure the trees you are considering are not overly susceptible to pests or diseases.
These older strains are much more susceptible to diseases.
Dwarf conifers and broadleaf evergreens such as holly and rhododendrons are susceptible to dehydration and windburn in winter.
The epiphytes may be particularly susceptible to climate change if the cloud level rises.
The turtles are also susceptible to fungal infections.
If that were to happen, the human population would be susceptible to a resurgence of smallpox.
Pigs are also susceptible to picking up avian flu strains, mostly because they often live so close to poultry.
When the bag lands on a susceptible plant, it breaks open, releasing what are technically known as zoospores.
Early spring is the time of anticipation, and the garden is no less susceptible than the gardener.
Susceptible persons are more affected by a change of tone than by unexpected words.
Moreover, it does not appear that the peoples which form it are by themselves susceptible of progress.
Colonialism is also susceptible of accurate definition.
Solitude is one of the highest enjoyments of which our nature is susceptible.
In a non-native habitat, fish become susceptible to parasites, diseases and predators that they are not equipped to fend off.
Inserting a resistant allele into susceptible macrophages made the cells more resistant to anthrax.
The exchange can happen inside animal hosts susceptible to both avian and human flu strains, such as pigs.
In addition, the results indicate that males may be more susceptible than females to age-related cognitive decline.
Such recordings are especially susceptible to mechanical degradation.
And some people may be more susceptible genetically than others.
The drought makes those plants particularly susceptible to fire.
The plant's fuzzy hairs can cause a skin irritation in some susceptible people.
Without this protective layer, people are more susceptible to skin cancer and eye damage, scientists say.
The filled-in shafts left tombs susceptible to flooding from rainwater.
It also seems to weaken immunity, making the birds susceptible to other diseases.
It also makes frogs more susceptible to chytrid fungus.
They have extremely low repopulation rates, and therefore may be highly susceptible to fishing pressure.
Previous studies in which investigators used calipers to measure body symmetry were therefore highly susceptible to human error.
Those plants that recovered from fire sprouted from the ground up, making them particularly susceptible to small browsers.
The heat weakened the trees, making them susceptible to bark beetle invasions, he explained.
Freshwater and marine organisms are particularly susceptible to pesticides through agricultural runoff.
Delicate habitats, such as coral reefs, are susceptible to poisoning or smothering by oil.
As more rabies-susceptible animals congregate in the region, more infections can take place.
The small, inbred population is more susceptible to decline via disease and natural disaster.
Ponds near farms are particularly susceptible to pollution.
It stresses out blood vessels in the brain, making them more susceptible to ruptures.
Individuals with asthma or other breathing problems are particularly susceptible.
Scientists do not know if the animals are susceptible to chronic wasting disease.
Gorillas are extremely susceptible to human diseases, especially respiratory diseases.
It has a low reproductive rate, making it susceptible to over-harvesting.
Critics claim that online courses are inferior to traditional courses because they are supposedly more susceptible to cheating.
They are things that make us more susceptible to triggers.
Naturally, it wows administrators who are susceptible to surface appearances.
The second article includes family members as susceptible to secondary stress.
And paint is not so susceptible to the ministrations of wallpaper remover.
The website said that only cats had died, so maybe the dogs aren't as susceptible, or the dog food isn't actually a problem.
It isn't susceptible to half-informed guesses and fabrications and other nonsense, because it relies only on evidence.
Despite having a tough exterior suited for house fires and floods, the unit seems to be susceptible to earthquakes.
Plastic back highly susceptible to nicks and scratches.
It was highly susceptible to disease and provided low yields.
Unlike manufacturing jobs, natural resource industries aren't susceptible to offshoring when labour costs soar.
Suppose, furthermore, that you are increasingly susceptible to heart disease and you have to get the pounds off.
The determinants are complicated, and not always susceptible to measurement.
The brain, he observes, is peculiarly susceptible to oxidative damage.
It is also susceptible to absorbing water, further diluting its oomph.
Pain is another nerve-related symptom susceptible to treatment by placebo.
It also uses local translators who are susceptible to threats or pressure on their families.
The entertainment business has long been susceptible to copyright infringement-and it has usually blamed the electronics industry.
Police and courts are understaffed, underpaid and susceptible to bribes and threats.
Many of the big problems facing humanity are biological, or are susceptible to biological intervention.
First, it gives weight to the belief that some people are more susceptible to all sorts of addiction than others are.
If customers are in a good mood, they are more susceptible to persuasion.
Photons, the particles of light, are also susceptible.
Hunger also often leaves people more susceptible to disease, so that more output has to be devoted to health care.
Self-harming may also have a paradoxically alluring image for susceptible teenagers.
Real-time bidding makes it easy to aim ads at susceptible eyeballs.
People suffering from colds or allergies may be especially susceptible to clogged ears.
We're all susceptible to irrational behavior, book says.
Scented candles can trigger allergic reactions in susceptible people.
At present, amphibious vehicles are considered susceptible to missiles.
It can cause adverse reactions in susceptible individuals.
Regular pot smokers are especially susceptible to infection.
And studies have shown that juries are in fact susceptible to the influence of such experts.
It's what makes the market so susceptible to bouts of both hysterical exuberance and despair.
The former was susceptible to instruction, the latter to seduction.
It is susceptible to error, arrogance, even corruption.
If you were susceptible or ill or had friends who were ill, you felt incredibly scapegoated and vilified.
Low-lying, thin stretches of beach are especially susceptible to destruction.
But it turns out that students are susceptible to the same marketing strategies that grocery stores have been using for years.
Hardy indigenous crops will allow more consistent harvests, less susceptible to dry weather.
Rats, the scientists suggested, might be especially susceptible to its effects.
Hill infrastructure is also susceptible to malicious attacks.
Each of us remains susceptible to sudden and unpredictable injury.
People in all cultures gravitate toward power, and are susceptible to intimidation by thugs and chieftains.
Our political behavior is surprisingly susceptible to context and framing.
It also makes us more susceptible to cancer and heart disease.
When you recall a past event, the memory becomes temporarily susceptible to erasure.
Angina is particularly susceptible to the placebo effect because the anticipation of pain adds to the intermittency of it.
But not everyone with the mutation develops high blood pressure, and people without the mutation may also be susceptible.
The diabetes-susceptible genotypes, according to this theory, are old.
Super soldiers are still quite susceptible to mundane threats.
Closed structures, of course, are particularly susceptible to landfill gas.
Chronic worriers seem to be more susceptible to choking, especially in academic situations.
Certain rodents may shed more virus than others, he speculates, or some people may be more genetically susceptible to the disease.
It could eventually shed light on the factors that trigger the disease in genetically susceptible individuals.
However, this also makes tumor cells more susceptible to viruses, which replicate inside the infected cell until it bursts.
But this medium is easily susceptible to damage from moisture and temperature fluctuations.
Inevitability is a philosophical question not susceptible to historical proof.
It could therefore explain the extinctions, for the large animals would have been more susceptible to radiation damage.
Books are less susceptible to such pressure and as a result can be far more pointed.
But the variant that once saved its carriers from one disease now appears to make them more susceptible to another.
The surprise is that mothers may be a little more susceptible.
Nor were lonely people unusually susceptible to any one disease in particular.
Their lungs will always be a little bit more susceptible to other insults, to pneumonia infection for example.
But there are many indications that absentee ballots are more susceptible to fraud.
Tomato plants are susceptible to several fungal diseases which cause tomato leaves to develop spots.

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