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The two survivors still in the hospital were both white and both shot in the head.
Only the survivors' hospitality alleviated the grimness.
And some of those survivors dramatically affected the societies they beached upon.
The survivors were driven from the valley and returned later only in small, heartbroken bands.
Only a handful of survivors managed somehow to escape into the forest and make their way to safety.
Follows the fate of six survivors and describes their experiences.
Survivors are calling out and ambulances are rushing around and people are digging in rocks-there is a lot of activity.
But even they, the survivors, were stumbling out of the smoke into a different world.
Everyone involved in this therapy should be required to learn about comas and to attend groups run by survivors.
Zombies race after the survivors and try to grab as many flags as they can.
The survivors are far from the global action in animation and special effects.
They show you their survivors as their success story, the deceased are not mentioned.
The survivors are more than enough for encoding new memories.
According to natural selection, the only survivors are pirates, as all honest people eventually get out of the chain.
In the context of that day, though, these survivors were indeed the lucky ones.
Suddenly, he finds a new calling as leader and savior of the few remaining survivors.
The captured survivors were taken to a ravine and shot.
By the time rescue ships and helicopters arrived, it was obvious that there would be no survivors.
Beyond that, the survivors drop by six percent for each extra degree.
As you stated, environmental conditions pressure the selection toward the part of the more favored survivors.
They are the survivors of long and difficult years in laboratories.
In addition, shooting wolves is disrespectful to highly intelligent family-oriented survivors in the wild.
Cancer is still around, but there are more survivors than ever.
They were survivors of a shipwreck on a life raft with limited provisions.
And if you hear survivors argue it's as if they were talking about yesterday.
The search was still on for survivors two days after a devastating earthquake.
But survivors gathered at this one to stand and brood.
As even that ghastly supply dwindles, three survivors embark on a make-or-break journey to find help.
Hurricanes bring winds and slashing rains that flood streets, flatten homes, and leave survivors struggling to pick up the pieces.
For years, the stories of survivors and rescuers were the only links to the famous event.
Survivors are often left with permanent neurological damage.
Now a nuclear disaster threatens the health of survivors.
These hardy, adaptable arthropods have been around for hundreds of millions of years, and they are nothing if not survivors.
But the health toll for the survivors continues to be a matter of debate.
The marasmus survivors tended to have had low birthweights.
The authorities have reason to worry about the loyalties of this earthquake's survivors.
Among the survivors, advertising is dwindling, editorial is thinning and journalists are being laid off.
Out of its work came a harrowing exhibition of photographs and accounts by survivors.
He spent almost a week in the disaster zone and even offered to accommodate some survivors in his own homes.
Many of these survivors have developed resistance to common pesticides.
Only once things had settled down could the survivors regroup.
For one thing, they say, banking survivors that already use outside contractors will give them more to do as they cut costs.
The survivors will get the spoils, but the booty looks unappealing.
Retail banking has become increasingly concentrated in recession, and this decision will reinforce the survivors.
Bodies littered the ground as rescue services worked to free survivors trapped inside.
Our prayers are with the survivors and the families of the fallen.
Harder times will eliminate the also-rans and, in the long run, could make it easier for the survivors to grow.
Otherwise, the police would have stopped the searching of survivors.
In any case, on the island, the survivors lived together.
Think about the freedom cancer survivors could have from constant worry about deadly recurrences.
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