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Two principles, however, have survived this confusing roller-coaster ride of fad diets: balance and moderation.
After a couple of weeks it will be clear which survived.
He has survived multiple exploding cigars, after all.
The world and scholarship survived centuries-millennia-of not cataloging every comment made by people to one another.
No one seemed to know who had survived, however, and some questioned whether any had seen daylight again.
Many people who had survived the wall of water rushing inland were seen being swept out to sea when the ocean retreated.
Find out how a trove of priceless antiquities survived.
Now an expert tells who the tribes are, and how they may have survived.
They survived catastrophic asteroid impacts and outlived the dinosaurs.
But fungi, which could cope with the newly acidic world, survived.
Thanks to a dedicated staff, however, some animals survived.
Three hundred and seventy-one blastocysts survived, and these were used to impregnate surrogate females.
The discovery suggests that some dinosaurs survived extreme weather by going underground, researchers say.
But to the surprise of many-including its discoverer-the comet survived its solar encounter and reappeared after a few hours.
He survived that harrowing experience and others during his exemplary offshore racing career.
After each cataclysmic event the species that survived diversified and filled the planet with life again.
Humanism temporarily survived the era of electronic media only through the act of turning on a device.
The evidence that survived often describes them as aloof.
What scientists have been trying to figure out, however, is why mammals survived while the dinosaurs perished.
He survived for more than four years before he was rescued.
Given all the arterial blood that was inadvertently let, it's a wonder the species survived.
It has survived presidential censure and intra-service bickering.
Ted is right, frogs have survived and thrived all these years.
Fisher survived his ordeal, but was deeply saddened that he failed to honor his friend's dying wish.
Forests that survived the last ice age are chopped down and burned.
But many species survived and evolved into their modern descendants.
Because they were not entirely dependent upon the potato, they survived the famine relatively unscathed.
They've survived for millennia in desert, in the permafrost, at the tops of mountains and at the bottom of the ocean.
Yet almost all newspapers have survived, albeit with occasional help from the bankruptcy courts.
They found that those who had survived marasmus ate differently from those who had survived kwashiorkor.
Some medium-sized makers have survived by diversifying.
But neither is big enough to explain why so much matter has survived.
The bank survived and recapitalised, but questions about its solidity remain.
The firms that have survived now have more scale and lots of cash.
He survived a no-confidence motion in parliament a month ago by promising to step down eventually.
None of the members of an untreated control group survived the four-month period over which the experiment was conducted.
More recently, he survived a severe case of colon cancer.
Rather, the main emotion was relief at having survived.
Everyone alive today is descended from a group of people from a single region who survived this catastrophe.
Once you believe that some life could have survived it's only a case of arguing over where the boundary lies.
It's not difficult to see that if our ancestors were that bad off they wouldn't have survived.
But many dinosaurs survived-and flourished, diversifying into meat-eating giants, armored warriors and winged aviators.
When the helper-pup ratio decreased, the meerkat pups added weight more slowly, grew into smaller adults and survived less often.
Most of the creatures survived the surgery and resumed swimming.
The four resulting piglets that have survived each carry one inactive copy of the gene and one active one.
She survived, but she cannot remember anything about the incident.
Though wounded, she swam back to shore and survived.
But still more important are those inscriptions which have actually survived and which are mainly found on stone monuments.
Sufficient of his poems have survived to make some wish that the number were less scanty.
But, during the last forty years of the seventeenth, a variety of styles survived.
Domestic happiness, the only bliss of paradise that has survived the fall.
Some people were frostbitten and a little banged up, but they survived.
The music survived because it is some of the best work humans have done in four centuries.
Second, healthcare venture funds that survived the crash had full portfolios of companies burning cash at alarming rates.
She survived, but could recall nothing about her former life.
If she becomes the nominee, it will be because she survived the primaries.
Those florists which have survived the downturn are trying to find ways to modernize their businesses.
Federal courts have been deciding cases involving ministerial exceptions for years, and religious employers have survived.
The first of us survived primarily on other people's larders.
The liquid was designed to fluoresce once metabolized by the cell, confirming that the cell had survived the operation.
All nine have survived to date, and five have successfully gone on to heart transplants.
Having survived, many veterans are left with previously rare injuries to the brain caused by blast waves.
The ancient rubber that has survived tends to be so degraded that it can't be tested for its mechanical properties.
It would be interesting to do a side by side on how the old big players have survived.
The second pair of animals received milder immunotherapy and survived for a year.
And survived to write about a terrifying experience.
The theory has survived close to a century of critique and skepticism.
In fact earthly life has survived billions of years in spite of many catastrophes.
None of these attempts survived the dot-com implosion.
Miraculously, he survived the tsunami by clinging to the roof of his house as his town was swept away in a flash.
Whether you survived or not depended on the natural history of the disease itself.
They survived winters in which the temperature dropped to forty degrees below zero, and blizzards swept in for weeks.
He survived-but it cost him all his fingers and all his toes.
She never contacted her father because her diary would lose its impact if people knew she had survived.
The lost prospect of a prize is not the only reason one wishes that he had survived to see what happened next.
The writer has survived the end of the world and is on another planet.
By visiting each customer personally, the brother convinced them all that their accounts were now safe, and the bank survived.
Those city dwellers who survived the killing were driven out into the countryside to fend for themselves.
Though there were few pitched battles, only three hundred survived.
It was obvious to everyone that the old-timers survived because they were more skillful.
He numbered the notebooks from one to forty-six: of these only nineteen have survived.
The luckier ones survived to become modestly prosperous cattle ranchers.
Deductions may not always be right, and the fact that many versions have not survived adds to the editor's difficulty.
However, the trainer and owner retained him and he survived to ride again and to receive impressive injuries.
Come on tell me something new, tell me this building that should have survived failed badly and why.
They say it's impossible for any living creature to have survived for so long.
If so, her group survived an astoundingly long time alongside the others-perhaps for hundreds of thousands of years.
In two cases where the animals survived, they took weeks to recover.
Immediately thereafter, she developed an anaphylactic reaction, but survived with prompt treatment.
Each impact would have sterilized the surface, yet evidence shows life survived the bombardment.
Below it are two healed wounds of an earlier contest the mosasaur survived.
He also survived and is serving a seven-year prison sentence.
Knight suggests that click languages survived because they serve a practical purpose.
In retrospect, the real question isn't why lobotomy died, but why it survived for so long.
As a result, twice as many of the mice survived a bout of poliovirus.
The sturdy buildings that survived the quake were ravaged by the wave that followed.
Through strong will and faith they've survived the past year.
No castaways on an inflatable raft had ever survived for so long.
They would be survived by their comrades and an agency with a peerless archive.
The lifeguard survived, but the community was suitably stunned.
Anyone who has survived here that long has more than a few odd tales to tell about the house and its occupants.
He eventually survived the disease and returned to work.
Only one survived to realize that the flames were in fact far away from the building, which held out for another month.
Let us consider the fact that there has never been any horse who has survived a similar breakdown.

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