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All life forms live because of their ability to adapt to their environment, ie, fit enough to survive.
Despite their success, even they continue to struggle to survive.
Gallows humor, perhaps, but it has helped me to survive my condition.
Even a few hundred yards away, many native species can't survive.
As the world warms up, some species cannot move to cooler climes in time to survive.
The finding amazed colleagues, who had never imagined that even a trace of still-soft dinosaur tissue could survive.
My question is, is it reasonable to say that my windmill palms can survive outside year-round.
The prime minister will probably survive a sleaze inquiry.
Such development fragments the landscape, making it difficult for the species to survive.
As a result, the villagers turned to hunting and fishing in order to survive.
The often truncated fragments that survive can be tantalizing.
It could eventually help soldiers survive blood loss resulting from war injuries.
Without that transmission, of course, no language can survive.
The industry insisted it could not survive without these cheap hands.
Most people survive if they're given the correct antibiotics in time.
New research suggests these two kinds of creatures managed to survive because their ancestors took to the water.
Daylilies will survive considerable drought, but for generous bloom they need ample water during their growing period.
Some of us have wondered whether university presses were going to survive in the digital age.
But the fact that it ought to survive does not mean that it will.
Students learn that animals undergo adaptations-changes to body parts and behaviors-that help them survive.
Studies have shown that salmonella can survive for many months in peanut butter once it's present.
Companies will have to do more than this if they are to survive the silver tsunami.
The same adaptations that helped them survive in the rain forest help them survive in their new habitats.
She knew she could create a traffic-stopping tapestry of plants that would survive on half the water.
Coupled with depressed lecturer's wages and a car that wouldn't survive the commute, the writing was on the wall.
No one other than a few faddists tries to survive on raw food alone.
To survive people depend on the physical environment.
They can survive on rainfall but grow and bloom best if soaked deeply once a month.
But a university divided against itself will no more prosper or even survive than a cleaved house or country.
But it would still be for the latter to respond appropriately to the challenge if they are to survive.
All these features help geckos survive in their habitats.
Plants are effective in shade with bamboo and large-leafed ferns but will survive in dry, sunny spots.
For all the talk of the euro failing to survive this sovereign-debt crisis, it should struggle through.
Any zoo animal that suddenly found itself in the wild would be unlikely to survive.
Can survive an occasional missed irrigation but look better with regular moisture.
However, when colder years arrive, many northern birds are unable to survive and fringe populations plummet.
The location of the window and sink is all that will survive.
Each day, animals struggle to survive in their habitats.
May not survive winters in colder zones unless protected from excess moisture add to my plant list.
Ornamental asparagus will survive light frosts but may be killed to ground by severe cold.
It seemed simply impossible that they would know how to grow and survive in such seemingly harsh conditions.
Plants that survive the winter can be moved to a permanent location next spring.
Plants that survive in public spaces in the low desert need to be even sturdier.
Established plants survive with no supplemental moisture but need deep watering for top-quality nuts.
But if you take steps to make your house resistant to lesser fires, it may survive.
May not survive winter frosts without overhead protection.
Perhaps life could evolve in a comet, or survive inside a rock catapulted into orbit by a planetary meteor strike.
But even those patients lucky enough to receive a donor organ in time, and survive the transplant surgery, face more misery still.
It is not yet known how the new strategy may affect the bears' ability to survive and reproduce.
We will never survive unless such a singular religion of human survival evolves.
Some newspapers will cavil, arguing that without sensation and intrusion they cannot survive.
The bacteria don't have to survive the burning portion to be transported into the body.
The environment is so harsh that zebras have to cover a lot of ground to survive.
One possibility, he said, is that the program could survive in its current form.
In every member-state, there are people who believe their country can survive alone in the globalised world.
The purpose of form is to take advantage of the environment,breed and survive.
As statues of daddy and grandpa were common in the corner of any proper house, many survive today.
Recently, the company said that to survive it must terminate all four plans.
Ten thousand years ago hunters and gatherers ate bugs to survive.
Comparing their known physiological limits to subsurface conditions, he reasoned that roundworms should be able to survive there.
Prodigious exports of iron ore, coal and other commodities have helped it survive the global downturn without a recession.
The introduction tells me that animals migrate to survive.
It remains up for debate whether netbooks will survive after the economy recovers.
Doctors said there are few hopes for her to survive.
Our gift for dissembling has enabled societies to survive and thrive.
Locals used to joke that the only life that could survive in the skies was jumbo jets.
These are the kinds of skills a leopard needs to survive in the wild.
In creating a novel organism, they will also remove key metabolic pathways so that it could never survive in the wild.
All of these weird plants have adaptations that help them survive.
Finding plant remains that survive the high temperatures, rainfall, and mold common in the tropics is extremely difficult.
These two conditions would allow him to survive the intense cold and the arduous dig out of his snow tomb.
Sick animals will likely be picked off by predators and not survive long enough to develop obvious symptoms.
In the natural world, animals do what they must to survive.
While they may seem strange, these funny-looking bodies and odd acts help animals survive.
The concern is that viruses and retroviruses will survive this cycle and come back to haunt us.
Glowing in the dark helps some living things survive.
The memory cells survive to protect their host against further infections by the same invader.
The question he and other academics faced was how do the gribbles survive on a diet of wood.
This, in turn, reduces oxygen supplies sub-surface plants and animals need to survive.
And when water is scarce, many kinds can survive on little more than rainfall.
Dirt does not survive long, once within the walls of the lodging-house.
Now these grains are fish, and from the grains which survive and are not swallowed, the fish grow which afterwards are bred up.
And that is leading many to question whether the euro can survive.
Should you survive, you may be stricken by repeated bouts of sickness.
Employees today are seeking a balance between finding jobs they enjoy and making enough money to survive.
In the same way, democracy cannot survive overpopulation.
The guidelines may not survive a legal challenge for discrimination.
In the past the seismometers required to do so have not been robust enough to survive such brutal conditions.
Yet despite everything, it still needed government help to survive.
We want the field to survive and, if possible, prosper.
Without these appeals, few of us among the nonprofits concerned with educational reform would survive.
It eats through their wings and wakes them from winter hibernation, depleting fat reserves needed to survive until spring.
Today, only a few remnants from the contents of that saddlebag survive.
After a particularly rainy year, softer seeds proliferated and smaller-beaked finches were more likely to survive.
Introduce shelter as one of the basic human needs, something that people must have in order to survive.
Chemicals in a wood frog's blood allow the frog to freeze solid during the winter and still survive.
What they did have was each other, a few helpful friends above ground, and the will to survive.
Any amateur gardener knows plants need two things to survive: sunlight and water.
If contamination occurs after the roasting process, the game is over and salmonella is going to survive.
Those who survive their risk taking behavior may be strong but have to be lucky to survive the things they put themselves into.
If all variants are able to survive in the prevailing conditions, there is no change in the species.
Bacteria have been around for thousands of years and have had to survive in hostile environments.
It's what has allowed us to survive as a species so successfully.
Seed money isn't all that family farms need to survive, however.
Animals have evolved in many different ways to survive in cold weather, including in cold water.
Still, my thought is that this sort of media choreography cannot survive for long.
Most of us have genes that make us as hardy as dandelions: able to take root and survive almost anywhere.
The only way for them to survive is to get new blood from transfusions.
Somehow kids managed to survive for a few hours not eating between meals.
There was a way to survive such a predicament, but it involved wrecking the plane.
Somehow, though, the fax machine has managed to survive.
Low-performing funds would not only survive, but would look identical to those funds that actually provide a return.
Works of history, if they're really good, survive maybe a generation.
Few believe that newspapers in their current printed form will survive.
He didn't have to wait long to be reinstated, but he did not long survive.
It is in the viruses' best interest to let the host survive, but accidents happen.
It inhabits both humans and animals and can survive in water and on inanimate objects.
Some of her cancer cells, however, became the first human cells to reproduce and survive indefinitely outside the human body.
They were tiny and weak, barely able to perform the work necessary for the little colony to survive.
But complex systems-power plants, say-have to survive and function despite having thousands of critical components.
Thousands of years ago, tribes of human beings suffered great privations in the struggle to survive.
Most of the quilts shown are by skilled seamstresses, for plantation owners, as personal quilts did not survive.
He had abundant stocks of tinned food, fuel, and water with which to survive the winter.
How to survive the return of the world's dirtiest fossil fuel.
It took more than being woolly for woolly mammoths to survive the wintry climates in which they lived.
It's not easy to survive century after century, through droughts and storms and oscillations of the climate.
Disjointed wolf packs don't survive well and it promotes interbreeding, and malformations.
Even in a beaker, bacteria in ocean bottom sludge survive by sharing.
Once the genes were delivered, the centromere needed for that chromosome to survive could be turned off.
The bacteria clearly survive being eaten, and glow from within the shrimps' guts.
Biologists, meanwhile, had uncovered the amazingly complex organic molecules that allow living cells to survive.
But the backups can survive, regardless of which individuals perish.
Engineered cardiac tissue needs a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients to survive after being grafted onto the heart.
The device could also be used to monitor patients who survive aneurysm ruptures, a high proportion of whom develop vasospasm.
Also, theory says that electron spins survive for a long time in silicon.
Those who survive to adulthood typically have high cholesterol and triglycerides, risk factors for heart disease.
If it can survive this year, its outlook may look better in the years to come, when it has contracts to make more batteries.
We need to take care that these bio-engineered bacteria cannot survive outside fuel-producing bioreactors.
For those who survive, recovery can be long and arduous.
About three-quarters survive, but more than half suffer from impaired movement.
Losing half your blood volume is a tough thing to survive, even if you're a hamster in a controlled laboratory study.
Much of the telling information they had collected would survive in the report, but only in tiny print, hidden in the endnotes.
They are succeeding, even as they struggle to survive.
If people are able to survive that, then they can survive anything.
They can survive and thrive, but will need new patrons and protectors.
Life will survive, but it will do so on a transformed planet.
He knew that he would survive such a crisis, best of all by taking no notice of it.
But the record of those rare plane crashes where some people survive complicates the picture.
It is not surprising that both books, in different ways, end pondering the question of what may survive.
Again and again he devised perilous situations for himself to survive and his audience to gasp and shudder at.
Their descendants-with many of their privileges-survive today.
Happily, many students not only survive but flourish in the teeth of these obstacles.
It would give them a chance to survive and prosper without uprooting themselves.
Head lice can survive only for brief periods of time on bedding or upholstered furniture.
Desert tortoise may empty their bladder if frightened or handled losing valuable water they need to survive in the desert.
Considering all the tragedy they come across in their jobs, reporters have to develop tough skins to survive.

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