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When it comes to evolution, survival of the fittest is only half the story.
It is survival of the fittest, and it's a fine approach so long as it doesn't happen at the cost of your quality of life.
Civilization should not be a matter of survival of the fittest, to put it crudely.
In the short term, there will be a survival of the fittest scenario where only the best stores stay afloat.
The survival of the fittest applied in society as well as in nature.
Not so much survival of the fittest, as survival of the technologically advanced.
Survival of the fittest refers only to successfully reproducing in a changing environment.
The fact that the world has a tendency to reward people based on the survival of the fittest might not warm your heart.
Survival of the fittest worked for millions of years, and it will continue to keep our population at a natural, sustainable level.
He argued that survival of the fittest could result, not only by competing with others, but also by cooperating with others.
Most of the rest of us have decided that survival of the fittest is the way this world works.
Survival of the fittest is a simple reality in the game of life.
The survival of the fittest concept is as valid amongst bacteria as it is among animals.
Anything that conflicts with the principal survival of the fittest, believes that the weak can never be strong.
History has demonstrated the dangers of a survival of the fittest philosophy.

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