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The good news is that early detection and new treatments have improved survival rates.
For evolutionists, everything begins and ends with the question of survival.
Some of their survival strategies are nothing short of ingenious.
Mice that are color-matched to their surroundings have a survival advantage over mismatched mice in each of the two habitats.
For some people, that first whiff of the uncorrupted outdoors might trigger a set of survival instincts.
The entire trip from launch to splashdown was one big survival game and it's no difference from ours.
Survival rates for brain tumors vary widely depending on the type of tumor and other factors, including age.
In fact, not being surprised is a survival strategy.
Half of its people depend on livestock for their survival.
Get ready for the unthinkable with reviews of the latest survival guides.
These activities threaten the survival and faithful replication of chromosomes and, consequently, of the cells housing them.
Click through our reader submissions to see your best bet for survival.
Survival rates vary depending on different factors, including age and the stage at which it is detected.
Scorpions typically eat insects, but their diet can be extremely variable-another key to their survival in so many harsh locales.
It is rapidly improving our chances of survival and the quality of our lives.
Yet real estate development, high taxes and loss of property have made the culture's survival a struggle.
To date, neither treatment nor active surveillance has emerged with a definitive survival advantage for localized prostate cancer.
New to the curriculum at many colleges this fall will be instruction for students in survival skills.
Always carry a survival bag containing a tent, water, food and stove.
Variety is not only the spice of life but essential for survival of democracy.
Survival of the fittest is a simple reality in the game of life.
The orderly and accurate division of cells is vital to the survival of all living things.
Watch underwater footage of the mammal and hear its strange clicking sounds that are crucial to their survival.
Water, essential to the survival of this ecosystem, once flowed south from the lake unhindered.
For survival one doesn't need to go beyond the everyday physical environment although it usually helps, no doubts.
Keep up the great work ensuring the survival of rare and endangered species.
They've found that hand rearing clouded leopards increases the endangered species' chances of survival.
In a city with seven daily newspapers, speed was a matter of survival.
Papers that have been the lifeblood of their home towns are fighting for their survival.
Most companies occupied themselves first and foremost with the survival of their employees who were working in the buildings.
But the animal's saliva may one day give some stroke sufferers a better chance of survival.
Enthusiastic debate about zombies is vital to the survival of the human race.
When the stressors to survival that elicited fear disappear the organism returns to normal behaviors that sustain life.
On the frontier of a frozen ocean, rising temperatures imperil wildlife whose survival depends on ice.
It is now well established that marriage has a beneficial effect on health and survival.
They have that status today not simply for their inherent beauty but for the happy accident of their survival.
Android's survival was a bit of a surprise, since it is also a big target and had four contestants lined up.
The crazy ones are a problem, though, because they don't think in terms of alliances and survival.
For companies, the past year has been first and foremost about short-term survival.
If you're a student, they make a vital addition to your campus survival kit.
And businesspeople everywhere see it as the key to survival.
To ensure the long-term survival of our species, we're genetically predisposed to be attracted to symmetrical faces.
Survival is not illegal, following your parents is not illegal.
Its short-term survival seems to be more hinge on pragmatism than real convictions.
Each species in our family tree faced the survival challenges of its time.
So being a carrier confers a survival advantage in countries where malaria is endemic.
The university's new venture raises troubling questions about the survival of academic freedoms in a repressive environment.
Tell me which country's survival is dependent on exports.
As wild tiger populations shrink, zoos become an increasingly critical reservoir for tiger survival.
Survival of the species will trigger any necessary actions to take place.
Their bodies are often scarred from collisions with boat propellers, the biggest threat to their survival.
Such survival strategies coincidentally fight diseases in people as well.
For survival sake change as much as possible in your life.
If it's surprising how ephemeral film can be, survival rates for video processes are even more alarming.
The survival of our village, and many others, is due to a quirk in history and to geography.
The spirit bears are able to fatten up faster for winter, which translates to better survival.
Fire remains critical today for their continued survival.
Tourism gives value to wildlife and helps ensure its survival.
Designation of critical habitat for the little brown bat would protect crucial sites for its survival and recovery.
They staged a month-long vigil to campaign for the vehicles' survival.
The only legitimate causes of stress are real threats to survival.
Real everyday life underwater is about survival and mating.
Buying a pine will not only help protect the species but will also safeguard its continued survival.
Their diminutive size could give the bacteria a survival advantage over other microorganisms.
Even in our own time certain tendencies and desires, once necessary to survival, are a constant source of failure.
To ensure their own survival, parasites alter the appearance and behavior of their hosts in the creepiest ways.
Test your survival instincts with our new video series.
Survival in extreme temperatures, weather conditions and terrains requires dependable lighting.
Experts are optimistic, they believe the long term survival of this species is looking much brighter.
Most people will never get stranded in the wild, so it can be easy to ignore wilderness survival preparation as you hike or camp.
Survival was what mattered and there was much hedging of bets.
His political survival going forward will depend in part on the four criteria outlined above.
We admire fearlessness, but it is a poor survival strategy.
In any case, there is something wrong with making the survival of the fittest a guiding principle of civilized society.
But historians have traditionally considered their survival an exception.
Thus the companies, for their own survival, are dragooned into service as auxiliary censors.
My theory is that it has less to do with causing an incident and more to do with survival in case of an incident.
These regimes have failed every test except survival, and have brought none of the promised benefits.
Historically, survival from rabies infection has been extremely rare.
The climate is subtropical, so it facilitates their survival and reproduction.
My first-draft survival ratio is closer to one percent, so for me the age of painless revisions is a marvel.
It stands as the colloquial encapsulation of a capitalist survival-of-the-fittest system that runs on greed and heartlessness.
The five-year survival rate favored surgery, but the short-term risks were higher.
For those of us who understand the rigors of the academic life, the survival of this myth is curious.
Good science is an invaluable tool in humanity's progress and survival, and it cannot be ignored or suppressed for long.
One aspect of survival when submerged in cold water and facing hypothermia is the psychological one.
The study found no differences in survival or complication rates compared with those who did not receive prayers.
There are other things to consider as far as survival and reproduction go, however.
We'd also want to know what boat they were in and what survival gear they had.
For debilitated individuals, however, survival meant relying on care from group members.
Studies found that it could produce markedly longer survival in some patients.
Its survival over the next decade was always in doubt.
Given the opportunity, that is all they will do, because it's their survival at stake.
Implantable materials that grab stem cells and spur their growth and survival could improve bone-healing surgeries.
In early clinical trials, it was shown to improve patient survival one month after treatment better than dialysis alone.
For many cancer patients, survival depends on whether their doctors can successfully remove the tumors in their entirety.
The device is highly sensitive, allowing doctors and dentists to detect the disease early, when patient survival rates are high.
Yet the industrial commons are fragile, and their survival will depend both on markets and on government policies.
Those that value survival and propagation will survive and propagate, evolving in order to do so.
They narrowed down the bacterium's genome to figure out which genes were crucial for survival and which could be deleted.
Technology may or may not be able to solve the problem in time to maintain survival of the human race on the planet.
As they became more skillful and more closely bonded, their chances of survival would improve.
Of course profit was essential to their survival, but it was not the primary purpose of their existence.
The ability to distinguish similar spoken sounds is clearly of survival value.
Two treatments that boost the immune system improve survival rates and slow cancer growth in late-stage melanoma patients.
When it comes to evolution, survival of the fittest is only half the story.
Political changes since the last ice age could make survival far more difficult for the world's poor.
Indeed, our own survival depends on the survival of other species.
The body kicks into survival mode, pastes the wound over with scar tissue, and leaves you to limp along for life.
Logically, no criterion of fitness can be identified that is independent of survival itself.
We have brains and minds because they serve the survival needs of the organism.
In the meantime, any near-term threat to our survival on this planet is dwarfed by the difficulty of surviving on any other.
There were some obvious survival benefits from left-right symmetry.
His survival guide to the end of the cosmos generated quite a few insightful letters and questions from our readers.
Anthropomorphism is an adaptive trait that enhanced our ancestors' chances of survival, he adds.
Some kinds of decision-making systems favor survival and reproduction.
Still, such concerns pale in comparison to the survival challenges that cities used to face.
Yet it is a novel of victory and survival, accomplished through an astonishing act of mercy.
It's not about survival so much as getting the rides.
It makes one want to run for survival supplies and wait out the storm, but the simple reality is that no one can escape its path.
There are certain unbreakable laws to the survival story.

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