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Louis, surrounding themselves with others aspiring to their chosen trade.
Never mind that on weekends the campus was as unpopulated as the surrounding countryside.
The wood fuel for the kiln consists of culled trees and deadfall from the surrounding forests.
But she also grew fascinated with the copyright complexities surrounding the daily work of historians.
But every so often, our mitochondria and their surrounding cells fight.
No wonder the prejudice surrounding them is so high.
Its chief strengthening bands are derived from the fascia lata and from the tendons surrounding the joint.
In the thoracic region it is small, not only in amount but relatively to the surrounding white substance.
The sclera and choroid are derived from the mesoderm surrounding the optic cup.
The entoderm which lines these pouches grows in the form of a number of solid buds into the surrounding mesoderm.
The fibrous rings surrounding the arterial orifices serve for the attachment of the great vessels and semilunar valves.
While these changes are going on, a sac is formed around each enamel organ from the surrounding mesodermal tissue.
We have made it so by making it mysterious, by surrounding it with silence, by making it a forbidden topic.
The expressman-their only connecting link with the surrounding world-sometimes told wonderful stories of the camp.
The surgery successfully removed all of the tumor without any injury to surrounding brain tissue.
In addition, the soils of a wetland differ considerably from nearby or surrounding uplands.
Weigh in with your thoughts, and debate issues surrounding several of our feature stories.
For a few days surrounding the solstice, however, our star seems to rise and set at the same locations.
The bear's stark white coat provides camouflage in surrounding snow and ice.
The air-filled sacs show up clearly in the echo images because they have a different density than the surrounding flesh and water.
Have the students note the landscape and the region surrounding that part of the river.
But the there's another mystery surrounding the emerging unit.
Break the letters from their surrounding frame and then snap them together.
It is also a milestone in bioethics, touching as it does on a number of moral and ethical issues surrounding the end of life.
It's a bunch of grown-ups making wearable art out of prophylactics in hopes of eradicating the stigma surrounding condom use.
They tend to be steep-sided cone-shaped volcanoes and often rise strikingly above the surrounding landscape.
In that moment, the gas surrounding the subject is ionized, leaving behind ethereal coronas.
The copyright situation surrounding some of these songs is as murky as their sound quality.
They will improve only after satellites surrounding the planet are upgraded.
The remaining dust envelope surrounding the star heats up and glows brightly in the infrared part of the spectrum.
And areas surrounding the stroma produce growth factors that may stimulate the epithelium to turn cancerous, she adds.
In fact, the nature reserve has degraded even more quickly than the unprotected land surrounding it.
These stars altered the dynamics of the cosmos by heating and ionizing the surrounding gases.
They are breeding grounds for extremists which spread instability to the surrounding regions.
Each contracting muscle creates a shallow depression on the skin surface, which causes the surrounding area to protrude.
The vapors were causing surrounding plants to grow abnormally.
The scientists trained the rats to find a submerged platform in a pool, with the help of surrounding cues.
In some ways, pollution of caves is inevitable due to the cracks and fissures in the rock surrounding them.
Forests pull in large amounts of water vapor from surrounding regions and from nearby bodies of water.
In a wind tunnel it is the surrounding medium that is moving.
When the water molecules absorb heat energy, they disperse and transfer their excess energy to the surrounding air.
The magnetic field and the planet are parts of a complex dynamo system surrounding the planet.
The skin is the body's largest organ and its shield against the surrounding environment.
Part of the controversy surrounding climate science education is how to teach it.
As with all issues surrounding nuclear technology, where and how to dispose of the wastes is complicated.
Look at the center of the pupil and you will see the surrounding purple rings fill with rapid illusory motion.
The surrounding area was strewn with boulders, some of which were as big as cars.
But more than two years on, much has changed, notably the personality cult surrounding the former president.
Uncertainty surrounding the damaged nuclear power plants are also weighing heavily on public sentiment.
As a result, heightened sensitivity and abnormal pain sensations occur in the surrounding skin.
The software, which relies on keywords to generate buy and sell orders, may misunderstand the context surrounding a headline.
Experts predict this would in effect destroy the lakes and their surrounding freshwater wetlands.
And even those who stick around may be infected by the surrounding gloom.
The shape of the world pops out easily from laser data because they represent a direct contour map of the surrounding area.
Such calculations are made more difficult by the uncertainty surrounding climate change.
If rainfall exceeds two inches, water overflows into the cylinder surrounding the measuring tube.
It will continue rising as long as it stays warmer than the surrounding air.
Others believe the deposit was created from water in a hot spring surrounding.
If the heated air is surrounded by nothing but air, it will push the surrounding air aside.
Hundreds of surrounding boats blew their horns in tribute.
The word is so loaded with baleful connotations that it tends to empurple any surrounding prose.
She understood the wall surrounding the doorway to be filled with the unblinking faces of the spirits of the recently dead.
But persecution only fired them with increased zeal for their doctrines, which they preached in all the surrounding regions.
The candidates ran for their lives, and mobs set fire to the surrounding houses.
The gel inside the implant, once released, can inflame the surrounding tissue.
In the space of four years, many of the questions surrounding the digital dissemination of books have been resolved.
Lift up your eyes and see the cloud and the light within it, and the stars surrounding it.
The irony surrounding his support for the chief executive and his own current state of affairs is apparently lost on him.
His focus is such that he can likely still win, whatever the insanity surrounding him, but life will be different.
Ronnie awoke from her wedding night to the sound of workmen surrounding the estate with a barbed-wire fence.
At the same time, companies are aware of the need to mitigate the effect of brine on the surrounding seabed.
Its surface is chemically treated to snag molecules of the target substance from the surrounding environment.
But this method, along with others, has thermal side effects that cause damage to the surrounding tissue.
The ions move toward the negatively charged cathode, dragging surrounding air molecules with them and creating a breeze.
The bone and muscle surrounding the marrow appear to protect the cells.
Now at some point after this it will cease its gravitational pull on the surrounding objects.
Delicious can create a living, breathing archive of relevant information surrounding important keywords.
Nuclear energy gives us a clean and sustainable energy option, in spite of the hysteria surrounding it.
Taping into crust will cool some of the rocks surrounding it which might pose a problem in its self.
The software blocks the applications or programs running on the servers from interacting with the surrounding network hardware.
There is far too much emotion, and far too little thought going into far too many responses surrounding this debate.
Implants can inflame the surrounding tissue, and scarring can disrupt the connection between neurons and electrodes.
Specifically, the delta temperature between the surrounding air and the warmth of a human body.
Indirectly, they are parasites on the surrounding plants that support these fungi.
It had a brilliant ball almost white to light green that lit up the sky and surrounding back clouds.
The surrounding alleys are crammed with craft shops and pubs.
As the eel rises, the air surrounding the pouches is vented so the helium and ethane can expand.
These patches may itch, and eventually turn lighter or darker than the surrounding skin.
Surrounding its handsome park is a surfeit of architectural junk food.

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