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It also had surround sound, and that was pretty amazing with the engines.
Cohorts of public-relations people surround the bigwigs and shield them from scrutiny.
Crystal waters and pristine reefs surround the island.
But there are other entire ecosystems that surround us.
He was homesick and often hiked up a mountain above the village to surround himself with songbirds he knew from home.
Surround sound is an adjective, not a standard, which means manufacturers can interpret it as they see fit.
Seating sections surround the stage, giving the handsome hall an excitingly intimate feel.
Tired and scared, you trip over a dead log, and they soon surround you.
Nearly circular bands, called auroral ovals, surround both poles of our planet.
Surround your new patio with your favorite plants, or use our planting plan.
Impressive speakers with accurate virtual surround processing.
The immediate response from the authorities was to surround the theatre with troops, but to attempt to negotiate.
Sixty-eight forts would eventually surround the city.
The curvature at a point is reflected in the total angle subtended by the triangles that surround it.
Familiar as they are, many mysterious still surround the tyrant dinosaurs.
Surround them with sky blue forget-me-nots for a fresh spring look.
Thankfully, he was thoughtful enough to surround himself with foreign policy heavyweights.
So do the lightly farmed plain and the hillsides covered with coastal scrub that surround it.
Their tactics are simple: each time they come to a road block, they spread out into the bush and surround it.
Many questions surround the cryopreservation process itself.
As can be seen, a variety of interesting geological formations surround them.
Place taller plants in the center and surround them with shorter plants.
The shadowy surround of the joint may be uric acid crystals.
Military conflict and the preparations that surround it are not, in themselves, good for the environment: far from it.
These compounds form thin films that surround the bubbles and slow the rate at which they burst.
Something approaching a mystique, though, soon began to surround the claims of the airmen.
Roaring spectators and a band of drummers surround them.
Blue catmint and other billowy perennials surround them.
The controversies, instead, surround efforts to improve the slums.
White calyxes reminiscent of paper lanterns surround scarlet flowers, giving a striking two-tone contrast.
Then surround each plant with a wire cylinder weighted down at the base with rocks or bricks, and fill in with straw or leaves.
In the master bedroom built-in cabinets surround the bed.
Surround the plant with several inches of loose mulch such as hay or pine needles.
Surround the planting with chicken wire to keep loose material from blowing away.
Be prepared, but don't surround yourself with so much paper that you can't find the things you need quickly and efficiently.
Whether to surround yourself with notes is a personal choice.
It wraps around the users so that everything they do seems to surround them.
They surround the valley floor and form a barrier to coastal fog and pollution.
Advising is done by faculty at almost all of the major colleges and universities that surround me.
About a dozen tourists surround her, and more join every minute.
Freeways, office complexes, and residential neighborhoods surround the gorge.
But how good your body and mind feel is mediated by the objects that surround you, too.
Put the pot in the middle of a large platter and surround it with pieces or slices of vegetable and chunks of crusty bread.
The atmosphere is the layer of gases that surround a planet.
Record attempts require engineering which expands our understanding the events surround such feats.
My pain may start on the left side of the neck, traveling down further left to surround the heart.
Award-winning wildlife cinematography and magical music videos tell the stories that surround this ancient land.
Bright, bold red chili peppers surround a single green chili.
Valley into takahe country feels no bigger than a gnat, which a sudden gust could swat against the granite walls that surround us.
Suburbs are smaller urban areas that surround cities.
They surround themselves with people to make them look smart, but they are not.
Evidence supporting the proposition seems to surround us.
Heavyweights surround the table-journalists, ministerial advisers, think-tankers.
And the mysteries that surround his life will likely never be completely resolved.
Set in a kettle on a trivet, and surround with cold water.
The press expected unrest to surround the film's release.
There's not much to say without the proper markers of meaning that surround this kind of behavioral evidence.
After all, our lives are not only about ourselves, but also about the people who immediately surround us.
When some subject gets into pressure, it surround itself by repulsive, negativistic stance.
The rest lies under farmland and the five modern, growing towns that surround it.
The bosses have had no qualms about saturating their towns with toxins and letting the lands that surround their estates go bad.
At traffic lights hawkers surround cars to sell plastic goods and phone cards.
He cannot even sell one of the chairs that surround his vast table without the government's permission.
Each surround-sound kinetic energy weapon rattles ice in the drinks.
Cyclone fences surround each missile site, with posted warnings to stay away.
Make sure your vehicle has all of the plastic pieces that surround the battery.
Try to surround her, and let her take this on in the midst of support.
Strong tendons help attach the patella to the bones and muscles that surround the knee.
Since secrecy and technical uncertainty surround many of the ventures, oceanographers say the current schedules may well change.
He also likes to surround figures with dolls, models, toys and junk objects.
Carbohydrate molecules surround all cells and help them to identify and interact with one another.
According to the researchers, some water molecules surround the almost-planet dust and act as almost a sacrificial layer.
The main question would obviously surround that precious right arm.
Other statues surround the fountain as well, each representing different facets of the natural world.
Walls are being erected around once-open neighborhoods, and new gated communities surround the city.
Surround sound is created by multiple speakers linked by a receiver.

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