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Measured a different way, the correlation between money and happiness is surprisingly strong.
Simple to make and surprisingly durable, painted canvas used as a floor mat adds graphic punch to a room.
The bubble that separates our sun from the galaxy is surprisingly active.
The capacitive stylus has turned out to be surprisingly useful for a lot of things, but up until now it was never a flirting tool.
Tilt is a mishmash of notebook accessories, shoved surprisingly neatly into a sleek plastic box.
The famously fashion-first brand cranks out a pair of surprisingly decent-sounding cans.
They have had a surprisingly good crisis given the country's economic woes.
Despite their prominent place in the food chain, surprisingly little is known about the reproduction of sharks.
Sometimes funny, often snarky, they were mostly surprisingly harsh.
And the fleet of aircraft needed to keep that screen in being turns out to be surprisingly small.
Corals can persist in surprisingly murky water as long as tides and currents periodically sweep the sediments off.
WE are a nation surprisingly oblivious to our own musical history.
Sometimes they're horrible, sometimes they're surprisingly helpful.
Both places are extremely cold yet surprisingly dry.
Though metal-detecting is a solitary pursuit, the hobby can be surprisingly social.
But the method they actually use is surprisingly close to how animals with rigid skeletons-including humans-do it, scientists say.
The causes turn out to be surprisingly complex, but solutions are emerging.
My first garden, which has gone surprisingly well, is no exception.
Often fetching high prices at the supermarket, they're surprisingly easy to grow.
Icon's business is barter, whose ancient skills remain surprisingly popular.
Traditional bamboo sushi mats make rolling easy, but sheets of plastic wrap work surprisingly well.
Surprisingly few interns or students know how to manipulate a razor properly, and none know how to sharpen a dulled edge.
The blob had turned into a surprisingly detailed map of the world.
But as clear and detailed as these memories feel, psychologists find they are surprisingly inaccurate.
Meet the generally gentle giant that is surprisingly fleet of foot.
Astronomers have found a surprisingly heavy early galaxy, according to a new report.
DC is also located surprisingly close to well-known outdoors destinations.
Research on this question has been surprisingly sparse.
Right whales, for all their size, are surprisingly athletic.
Shipwreck records in the region are surprisingly complete.
The adult human brain is surprisingly malleable: it can rewire itself and even grow new cells.
Silky smooth, luscious, and surprisingly good with chocolate sauce.
It has taken economists a surprisingly long time to look into this question in much detail.
The percentage is also surprisingly consistent across the region.
There are comfy leather chairs, abstract paintings, and a surprisingly sophisticated wine list.
It's fun, but relatively understated and surprisingly clinical, a mere appetizer to the feast ahead.
And it is surprisingly obvious: stress appears to age you because it really does age you.
These large red apes can be surprisingly difficult to find and follow.
The blind spot is surprisingly big, almost the size of nine full moons in the sky.
More cake than custard, they are surprisingly easy to make.
It's certainly no replacement for a proper doctor, but as a technological demonstration, it's surprisingly impressive.
Yet until now, manufacturing silk fiber has been surprisingly difficult.
By doing so, it turns disinterested onlookers in my family into interested participants with a surprisingly human experience.
Gas has featured surprisingly little in the energy debate so far.
Though its wings are clipped, it flees surprisingly fast, a dark speck in the twilight.
The sound quality is surprisingly good for such a small package.
Among the perils that could claim a life, poisoning is surprisingly likely.
Though whales attract a loyal following, some of the other big beasts in the ocean remain surprisingly mysterious and unloved.
Once thought to be rare, these events actually take place surprisingly often.
Surprisingly, this gentle deterrent even works on her dogs, which used to lie down in these areas and smash her plants.
The results are surprisingly pleasing, given the potential for conflict among so many kinds of plants.
Not surprisingly, something so challenging and so beyond our experience opened up all kinds of unusual avenues of discourse.
Not surprisingly, they fascinate some biologists and amateur naturalists.
Not surprisingly, the plastics industry is not a fan of these taxes and bans.
Not surprisingly, people in richer countries live longer than do people in poor countries.
It's a question that's inspired a surprisingly bruising debate.
Even more surprisingly, the amount of money spent on need-based grants grew faster than the amount spent on merit-based grants.
Not surprisingly, today's cost-conscious public views college price tags with a wary eye.
Surprisingly, being a student parent made economic sense.
As an adjunct, there is less red tape to go through on the administrative side, so my process was surprisingly quick.
Surprisingly, all are the same problem, in disguise.
Not surprisingly, many academically trained historians give up when confronted with a demand that they seek additional education.
He sees all his intimates differently-either as neurotic and dishonest or as surprisingly benevolent.
The ambrosia salad, replete with marshmallows and mandarin oranges, was surprisingly delicate.
Surprisingly, political opposition has been tepid and there has never been a concerted repeal effort.
Yet amid this carnage there is one thing that, surprisingly, has continued to grow: the paycheck of the average worker.
And not surprisingly, for the natural tendency of the comic book is toward the outré.
It may be a losing fight as long as professors keep picking texts, but the students are waging it in a surprisingly canny way.
She was surprisingly pro-marriage, and was fond of matchmaking.
And, in the case of public-sector intervention during financial crises, evidence for its dangers is surprisingly flimsy.
The show, a mere thirty minutes long, is thus surprisingly boring and difficult to follow.
But the conventional court system has proved surprisingly effective at extracting intelligence.
Casual conversations among colleagues can prove surprisingly fruitful.
Giant genomic studies of the ocean have found that the rhodopsin system is surprisingly widespread.
Not surprisingly, these characteristics often correspond to what experts already understand about good photographs.
Not surprisingly, such forced evolution could bring almost any computing system to its knees.
Their argument is deceptively simple and surprisingly powerful.
But surprisingly, the site appears to be legitimate.
And, not surprisingly, it was fun to tap away at the onscreen keyboard and drum set using only my thumbs.
Not surprisingly, conditions at its depths are hellish.
Once you get used to it, the tracking works surprisingly well.
Not surprisingly, companies are trying to find ways to meld the two.
Not surprisingly, the two are near-identical in terms of their form factor.
Not surprisingly, three decades later there is no shortage of observers rushing to fill the void with all sorts of explanations.
Not surprisingly, world outrage did nothing to diminish it.
Some of the steps toward a more satisfying political life may be surprisingly simple.
Not surprisingly, there are unintended consequences.
Corn smut, a fungus, has an unexpected benefit: a surprisingly good flavor.
We all do it, and surprisingly often, whether we're struggling to avoid it or not.
And even though that sounds dire for music and musicians, surprisingly it might not be.
In this social-media era, that is surprisingly easy to get.
The pair perform some repartee that, surprisingly for one of these things, isn't too painful.
Not surprisingly, scarabs have also seduced commercial collectors.
The culprit, not surprisingly, turns out to be humans.
Not surprisingly, hiking into the terraces is a popular activity among visitors to the region.
Not surprisingly, there is also a strong link between sleep deprivation and traffic accidents.
Surprisingly, though, males and females reacted the same way to the calls of either gender.
Though they couldn't be clumsier on land, sloths are surprisingly good swimmers.
In situations that are active and thrilling, surprisingly quiet moments can take place.
If you have calm air you can get away with a surprisingly show shutter speed.
By the authors' admissions, there are surprisingly little data available regarding the natural history of these species.
Not surprisingly, the team found that the younger animals' neurons fired often during periods when there were no stimuli.
Surprisingly, every restaurant he told me to go to is still open and in business today.
See boats being restored, meet working watermen, and haul up a surprisingly heavy net full of crabs.
Not surprisingly, the impact of pollution does not fall evenly across the population.
The economy may be pulling out of recession but unemployment is still surprisingly high.
And, surprisingly, it is possible that these facts are connected.
More surprisingly, in a season of bitter political argument support for natural gas has become bipartisan.
Not surprisingly, the outside world is unwilling to intervene in another distant, mountainous trouble-spot.
With surprisingly low inflation, the argument goes, workers were content with low nominal wage increases.
How it does so, however, remains surprisingly mysterious.
But many newspapers have a surprisingly large, if dwindling, herd of paying customers.
Surprisingly, though, a recently constructed bridge is often one of them.
But the amount of effort put into it remains surprisingly small.
Not surprisingly, no such object has ever been observed directly.
In a series of online opinion-surveys and in voluminous press commentary, debate has been surprisingly intense.
Some countries do surprisingly well despite their lack of democracy.
The super-duper rich are surprisingly unimaginative when it comes to dreaming up new ways to outdo each other.
And given the scale of the financial crisis, the recovery is surprisingly brisk.
Nonetheless, the firms have emerged surprisingly nimble and profitable from recession.
Not surprisingly, imports doubled in value over this period.
Not surprisingly, infrastructure and trained pilots are thin on the ground.
Aspirations remained surprisingly high even as the welfare state grew and the pits closed.
The reasons for the growth of the human population may be different, but the pattern may be surprisingly similar.
In the past students have also proven surprisingly calm about rising prices.
The book's no-nonsense approach to tax policy proves surprisingly engaging.
Yet many pilot projects run so far have shown that junior staff can often be surprisingly good forecasters.
By comparison, the aftermath of the latest recession has been surprisingly comfortable.
Almost all the new devices are surprisingly far from portable, however.
New evidence shows that pollution from these vessels reaches surprisingly far inland.
Not surprisingly, last year they found that more developed areas have higher levels of light pollution.
Surprisingly, they found extensive gene flow between these populations, which meant mosquitoes traveled between groups.
Surprisingly, toddlers speak in more complex sentences when alone in their crib chatting with their stuffed toys.
Not surprisingly, the threat of punishment made people act more fairly.
Not surprisingly, individuals tended to either have perfect pitch or not.
Not surprisingly, these neurons respond to primitive rewards, such as food and water.
If correct, the finding would suggest that the ancient poet had a surprisingly detailed knowledge of astronomy.
And it suggests, surprisingly, that offering material incentives in exchange for sacred values may backfire badly.
Not surprisingly, this led to higher prices for consumers and profits for polluters.
Surprisingly, no mention of urea, the major nitrogen- containing component of urine.
Not surprisingly, traditional risk factors played a major role in the statistics.
While it's a completely different plant, the leaves are surprisingly similar in shape.
Her friends seemed surprisingly unaware that they took their lives in their hands each time they ate with us.
Surprisingly little is known about the legal apparatus that has enabled and structured the occupation.
The information that it contains is totally unreliable and surprisingly accurate.
All have or have had followings within the party, whose core of committed voters is surprisingly small.
Nonetheless, these simple gambits can produce surprisingly intelligent-seeming conversations.
It wasn't raw horsepower, surprisingly, and not pure ability.
Although the patient had lost the equivalent of all her blood twice over, she did surprisingly well.
Even a sport as seemingly straightforward as pistol shooting is surprisingly complex.
Surprisingly, the thing that replaces oil might not be a liquid fuel.
So there will be a lot more robot autonomy, but surprisingly it will start out at the low end.
Not surprisingly, free-spirited inventors have proposed all kinds of ideas for harvesting energy from the vacuum.
Surprisingly, the squid grow still once they are on the table.
Not surprisingly, perhaps, such ideas are not easily accepted.
Surprisingly, obesity has also emerged as a risk factor.
Not surprisingly, perhaps, the talkers seem to be more intelligent than the nontalkers.
Though it seems a cold, inhuman approach, brute calculation can produce surprisingly humanlike chess.
Flesh eating is a surprisingly widespread practice in the plant kingdom.
Now it is becoming clear that memories are surprisingly vulnerable and highly dynamic.
More and more, scientists are discovering that these fusion animals are a surprisingly common part of life's history.
The plot is surprisingly complicated and no drugs are involved.
Surprisingly, he not only was amused by him but genuinely liked him.
It's surprisingly effective, consumer advocates say.
Viruses and fungi also have a surprisingly high biological diversity within this extreme habitat.
Bridge experts, however, have surprisingly unanimous opinions on the matter.
Not surprisingly, the marriage was on the rocks before it really got started.
Now it's becoming surprisingly hip to hand over your keys to a stranger on a scooter.
Surprisingly, it's a recipe that doesn't include butter.
So not surprisingly, teams, supporters and web-savvy companies are increasingly visible online.
Not surprisingly, running is now running into a snippy backlash.
Not surprisingly, the yuan agreements have so far drawn an indifferent response from the private sector.
In fact, the history of cross-border water disputes has been surprisingly conciliatory so far.

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