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While at first this may be surprising, it is really not unexpected.
Go beyond the traditional bouquet of roses this year with these surprising choices.
It's a reliable recipe, but subtle changes produce surprising differences.
And what stronger instance can be produced of the surprising ignorance and weakness of the understanding than the present.
Much that is surprising might also be said of the sense of the dream and the dreamer's reaction to it.
The best-laid plans are sometimes upset by surprising snags.
Though you add millions, and never so surprising, the fact of mechanics has not gained a grain's weight.
Thus a piece of water-worn coral on the beach often bears a surprising likeness to a bread-fruit.
Common among many who desire a practical and healthy lunch, these small, decorative boxes can hold a surprising amount of food.
It's not surprising that each letter has affected me enough to cause stomach pains.
So it's not surprising that students and scholars are turning to automated methods of getting citations into some kind of shape.
They matched them with college major, and the results aren't surprising.
It is not surprising that many scientists are overwhelmed with data.
It's surprising, upon reflection, how few responses will address all of them.
Which is to say, it's surprising how few questions get asked so frequently.
Even more surprising, some feedback from the faculty on the candidates and their presentations was allowed.
But it is a shock to realize that adults--as colleagues and as college students-- are equally surprising.
The result is not surprising the job descriptions of provost and president are quite different.
As others have said, the difference in perception is hardly surprising.
Signs are appearing all over, and some of them are surprising.
They also cut an avenue that was oriented with surprising accuracy to the rising of the sun on the summer solstice.
Bonnie's whistling isn't so surprising to her caregivers.
Perhaps even more surprising, our planet's main solar defense may be a double agent, aiding and abetting the thievery.
There were also some surprising elements to the report, scientists say.
Carvers and stone sculptors have left utilitarian objects and artworks of surprising aesthetic quality.
Signs of global warming are appearing all over, and some of them are surprising.
Yet the decision is not entirely surprising, as it relates to a long-running trade dispute.
Whether a flood of new recognitions will follow today's ruling remains to be seen, but would not be surprising.
Yet more surprising, the properties of these mirror neurons suggest that human language began in gesture and mime, not in speech.
But he also left them a more surprising instruction.
So it is not surprising the bloggers were divided on this question.
So it is not surprising that many politicians and business leaders are advocating an even stronger dose of such medicine now.
Inflation has retreated at a surprising and, possibly, alarming rate.
And some surprising folk, from school heads to local councils, are keen on them.
Neither the victory nor its margin is surprising or a cause for worry.
It is perhaps more surprising that there also seems to be demand for products that disable features.
Given the cities' economic weight, it is not surprising that many of the region's wider problems are reflected there.
With such high rates, it isn't surprising that debts often spiral out of control.
Everything to be seen and heard becomes precious and surprising.
The surprising benefits, to oneself and to society, of living alone.
Scientists have come to some surprising conclusions about the world and our place in it.
So it's not surprising they offer many pathways to your inner mellow.
But underwater, it's home to a surprising animal that has managed to survive in this inhospitable and unlikely habitat.
Considering its natural sweetness, it's surprising that corn doesn't feature in more desserts.
What is particularly surprising is the size of some of the brooches.
The key was to find pairings that made sense but were still surprising.
Maybe it shouldn't be surprising, but this close relative of ours turns out to be far more complicated than people realized.
Although it's probably not surprising that bad moods and negative judgments go together, their correlation is useful.
The story of a famous corpse gets a surprising twist.
Your intelligence affects your life span in several surprising ways.
Now scientists have identified insulin as a surprising new player in this process.
The comments aren't all that surprising, they are politicians after all.
The consequences of these surprising rises have been profound.
But what's more surprising is that this accident happened at all.
According to a growing body of research, the culprit is surprising: the flu.
Since this is a masculine trait, the results are not surprising.
It is a bit surprising to see this hypothesis is not even mentioned on the article that is essentially speculative.
With the rapid advancement of scientific learning, it is not surprising to learn that life can now be created in a test tube.
So, it's not surprising that it also works with used motor oil.
Or it could be that they can't remember a count well again this is not surprising since internal verbalization helps us remember.
So it isn't exactly surprising that the company felt it needed to do something dramatic.
With enough resources, a damaged region can reconstruct itself with surprising speed.
The point being that an artist often embodies his or her ideas in surprising guises.
Kindle, the device that merges technology and reading, now comes with a surprising new application for literary travellers.
So it's not surprising that many companies prefer to pile on the leverage.
In a way, these sentiments are not really surprising.
Still, there was something a little surprising about the adulation.
Spacey, after a long career of playing acidulous bad guys, gives a performance of surprising gentleness.
What they misremember is that it's a film with a surprising moral: fire the nanny.
Given the conditions, there is nothing surprising about the persistence of a clandestine drug trade in the region.
The plan fizzled, however, thanks in part to pressure from a surprising source: big investors.
The surprising thing about these details of his profession is their ordinariness.
The addition of chocolate adds a surprising sweet twist to this protein-packed bowl of pinto beans and kale.
The income fluctuations are not surprising, given that her husband was in the film production industry.
At first, this might seem surprising, since the debt has grown so much.
The perception of raw aridity is belied by a surprising amount of life: insects and lizards, the colorful opportunists.
Post-book-tour despair, that surprising companion to the despair one feels during book tour, was then discussed at length.
Characters are not strangers to each other, but are connected in surprising and complicated ways.
Perhaps it is not surprising, then, that this means of terror has become increasingly popular.
Over the next several months we'll attempt to provide you with coverage that's fun, informative, and surprising.
The surprising new research is likely to challenge our notions of consciousness.
It offers a surprising and counterintuitive way of controlling quantum systems that are changing from one state to another.
However, the maritime network shows some surprising differences from the network that flight paths make between airports.
Demonstration devices and toys will help anyone understand that the planet has a surprising energy alternative.
It's surprising, some people still don't know, waves are spreading in particle environment in two different ways.
What's surprising is that their idea is actually borne out by the data.
So, it's not surprising that the developing global brain is going to gobble for awhile.
It is not surprising that this may be evidenced by increased radiation in a number of bands.
Apparently the system gets its best mileage on the freeway at a constant speed which is not surprising.
It is not surprising that these questions are now prominent.
What is more surprising is the authority on which it is based.
Nor is it surprising that many aren't ready when trouble comes.
The turnaround in the budget was surprising and dramatic.
It is, of course, not surprising that the leaders of the country should appear confident before foreign visitors.
At the same time, nature has ways of surprising us, and it pays to be watchful.
Mutations reveal surprising branches on the tree of life.
Considering their subtlety, the message these wispy signals bring is one of surprising violence.
The research results so far are surprising-and humbling.
There isn't much surprising in the results for this variable.
The difference between the two species of ground-moving bats is not surprising when you consider where they live.
And a surprising lack of grease kept it from falling apart.
But amid these sagging performances, television appears to be experiencing a resurgence in a surprising place: sports programming.
The story is well told and there are a number of genuinely surprising and touching moments.
Looking at it now, it's not surprising it was a flop.
Of course, it may seem surprising that a balled-up sheet of paper or foil should contort itself beyond knowledge.
All of that makes sense, but the biggest difference between plants from the wasteland and the controls was somewhat surprising.
Get ready for a steady stream of surprising realities and inconvenient truths.
So it's not surprising that the environment is fun for adults, too.
There are some surprising choices in the initial lists.

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