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The only surprise in all this is that anybody should be surprised.
We were rather surprised at this but paddled on past it, and it then walked along the shore after us.
He once appeared in the boys' prize ring, but panic surprised him in the second round.
Was pleasantly surprised to find that it had been a major city.
He surprised us with this huge rolling cross-country pleasure ball.
But he was surprised to learn that such footage aired for the first time the following day.
But it looks as though some traders may have been less surprised than others.
If so, they may be surprised to hear that many of the ingredients in sushi are actually from other parts of the world.
But everyone was surprised when a large lake began to disappear into a long fissure created by one of last summer's earthquakes.
Students may be surprised to learn that things are not necessarily that different elsewhere.
Don't be surprised if they use that info to run a credit check or home-equity balance online.
In your life you will be surprised by what you can do in difficult situations.
In some cases, it was the whales' distance both near and far from shore that surprised the researchers.
But many campuses were surprised at students' response.
So, you were not surprised when they called you back to teach a sample lesson on campus.
We'll only smoke if surprised by tragedy's approach, as it noses closer.
The group was surprised, she said, when so few colleges met its benchmarks.
So don't be surprised when it happens to you in an interview.
In fact, not being surprised is a survival strategy.
You'd be surprised at how many professors are on the department listing, but in actuality are permanently on loan somewhere else.
And you might be surprised by the resources they find and share.
Id also be surprised if they give you a different health care package that stuff is pretty standardized.
The outpouring of appreciation after so many years has surprised some of the aging veterans.
Don't be surprised to see him enter the fray at point guard at some point, as he performed well in spot action a few weeks ago.
Most people are drawn into extrapolating from current trends and are thus surprised when things change.
Some people will be surprised, even dismayed, that comparatively modest climate changes are already doing measurable damage.
As a result, they are constantly surprised by turning points.
But prosecutors, who did not consider him a suspect, were equally surprised by his exit.
But you might be surprised to learn that no one knows exactly how anesthetics stop nerves from carrying pain signals.
The researchers say they were surprised at how quick and precipitous was the fall in resistance.
But they were surprised to discover that oxygen is also exiting.
When you sail in the ocean and you bumped in a new found continent, don t be surprised.
We were surprised that so many of us were left to die.
City council members and state representatives were surprised.
Even so, the move surprised a lot of people, for reasons made evident in the video above.
Your second letter surprised me, and for a moment, swung.
It surprised him, when he came back, to discover that his father knew no one.
But you might be surprised by the second-leading source of the expected surge in traffic.
Sewage plants and refuse tips give off so much methane youd be surprised.
Id be surprised if peoples accounts are not being attacked constantly in a public environment.
He was wearing flannel trousers and a jacket, and that surprised her.
The narrator was not surprised by the return of his cancer.
Try not to look surprised when you discover him sitting with a lady in a green swimsuit.
Perhaps no one should be surprised at this turn of events.
Many guests are surprised to learn that all water pipes in our system run off a single riser.
Afterward, there was a surprised buzz in the auditorium as listeners confessed to loving a sometimes furiously dissonant piece.
She is still surprised by the rigid manners, the deference and silences in her husband's family.
So he decided to figure them out for himself and was surprised by the answers.
And when they did get their results, they were surprised to see two different kinds of stars in the cluster.
What surprised them is that the fluff is much more magnetized than they'd expected.
For that reason one is not surprised that, asked if they would dance together intimately for the camera, their answer was yes.
Peering into a storefront, he was surprised to hear automobiles collide behind him.
His friends and family may be surprised by the rapidity of his rise, but they're not surprised by the fact of it.
He must have been surprised at being killed from so far away.
But don't be surprised if you find the answer inconclusive.
They will not be disappointed, but they may be surprised by the range of humors that arise in the course of the tale.
The trick with romantic comedy isn't being surprised.
We are surprised that your doctor prescribed atenolol as a first-line treatment for hypertension.

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