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Maybe for lots of people this is not something they've thought about, and it's going to catch them by surprise.
The main flavoring ingredient will come as a delightful surprise and remind the recipients of summer.
Recently a group of researchers got a surprise when a half ton great white shark decided to hop in their boat with them.
And a bigger surprise: almost half of these inmates have gang ties.
Rattlers and other snakes prey on ground squirrels largely through surprise attacks on pups.
Despite the surprise, the connection makes sense, the researchers say.
But when archaeologists lifted a gold bowl covering the mummy's face, they found the biggest surprise yet.
Excess weight can harm health in ways that may come as a surprise.
Each new discovery seems to yield more surprise and mystery.
Since then, there has been--surprise--no formal publication, but the buzz of speculation continues.
But the two-and-a-half-year-olds, much to my and their parents' surprise, failed abysmally.
But each time they open a press, there's still some surprise awaiting them.
After a blink or two of surprise, an observer notices that the hunter is urinating on the ground.
But the biggest surprise of all was reserved for the fourth article in the series.
So it's no surprise that the largest televised spectacle in the world has a history of using jetpacks.
The pumpkin, the biggest surprise, was my favorite-slightly vegetal and almost imperceptibly sweet.
It is no surprise the the author would have liked to have had one of her own.
It would not surprise me to discover that you have found this as a next great adventure.
Reindeer website's popularity a surprise to creator.
Even the humble pendulum may spring a surprise on you.
So said a veteran executive as he announced his surprise retirement last month.
The sheer scale of the damage wrought on the banking sector by the credit crunch was a surprise to almost everyone.
But students of the country's product-safety procedures say the only surprise is that such a tragedy didn't happen sooner.
The commission will now be able to carry out surprise inspections, allowing it to gather evidence before it is shredded.
So it is no surprise that it also works for a group of small creatures known as rotifers.
His departure came as a disappointment to nonprofit-college lobbyists but not as a surprise.
But there was one group of students who had some candid feedback, and it took me by surprise.
The effects on higher education are no surprise, but they are disturbing.
The proposed change in the grant program came as a surprise to many lawmakers, according to news reports.
But the extent of those strings took some college presidents by surprise.
When they focused on these stable regions in chimps and humans, however, the researchers found a surprise.
But, much to the committee's surprise, the large initial pool of prospective candidates narrowed quickly.
In many ways, the continued centrality of place-based education is no surprise.
But many other recommendations came as a surprise to higher-education leaders and students.
Grant also that the morality of evolutionary biology is really no big surprise.
Compliments always take you by surprise, and me never.
One surprise in the president's budget is how lightly the axe falls on military expenditures, a large source of possible savings.
While frustration over yet another bank fee is understandable, this one should surprise no one.
There was also the surprise that it was successful at all.
It should be no surprise that as the volume increases, so do the number of imprecise laws.
The surprise was that she didn't need his steadying hand nearly as much as some of the night's other performers.
Actually, the fact that the book is so appealing shouldn't be a surprise, given the backgrounds of the authors.
The cuisine that can surprise him has a serious back catalog.
So the fact that she'd add a healthy dose of whimsy to the typically serious art of tattooing is no surprise.
Surprise-the method really does turn out great rice.
The surprise is that many of these spectacular dishes don't require a tremendous amount of effort.
Oh, ye of the wheeled and squeaky cart, you are in for a pleasant surprise.
Given his legendary caloric intake, it's no surprise that his memory has been honored by cookbooks.
So you can imagine my surprise when the big moment was over almost as soon as it began.
For those of us who prefer our oysters raw, the barbecued ones are a big surprise.
Today, they continue their exploration of its properties and behaviour and turn up an interesting surprise.
Such effects of climate change no longer surprise scientists.
Given the slowdown in the commercial-aviation business, the idleness of some sections of the huge aircraft factory is no surprise.
But a surprise ruling by a lower court last week left the stem-cell community stunned.
The benefits of any truly transformative technology are at first exaggerated, but their long-term effects surprise everyone.
So it should come as no surprise if the authors get the answer they're hoping for.
To everyone's surprise, the sample shrank under the light.
The pleasant surprise is that his comments are candid without being cutting.
Now, a couple of facts which may surprise some readers.
Much to my surprise, a uniformed marine at my table was missing part of an arm and both legs.
It wouldnt surprise me if the dimension of time could be found to affect a single dimension with out the need for the other two.
That's a brave and provocative idea that may not come as a complete surprise to the latest generation of biophysicists.
Their editors, howsoever ideologically committed, want to produce publications that surprise and delight.
What did surprise him was the fact that antidepressants were only marginally better than placebos.
Government advisers hinted the report had taken the monarchy by surprise.
To her surprise, the fertility counselor told her that drugs were not necessary.
In fact, he likes dramatic gestures that surprise others-and sometimes surprise himself.
The story is both simple and subtle, and its peculiar power is to surprise us slowly.
From the first the reader is captivated by his surprise that this particular writer should be a witness to this particular event.
Unless your literary figures keep growing through the events of the book, your novel can go nowhere that will surprise you.
The vote began on schedule, and to nearly everyone's surprise, was astonishingly calm.
None of this should come as a surprise-it is simply what happens when a society's wealth distribution becomes lopsided.
It wouldn't surprise me if somebody handed one of the original suits to me and asked me to sign it.
The president came in and greeted her-it was a total surprise.
The general tenor of the office was whispery, with darting eyes-a sense of angst and surprise settled over the cubes.
He wrote this song for me as a surprise for our anniversary.
It's no surprise that a chemical as potent as methylmercury harms wildlife when it enters an ecosystem in high concentration.
Surprise your mouth with the smoked salt and sweet milk chocolate combination.
Surprise, surprise, the distracted group didn't do as well on the test-10 points worse than the control group.
All decision-making takes mental energy, so no surprise there.
It's no surprise that she gets herself into a lot of difficult situations.
But next the story takes a surprise turn, from destruction to construction.
For anyone who thought hot dogs were the healthiest food around, some new research will come as a sad surprise.
The discovery was a vindication for some and a surprise to others.
Most of the universe, it may surprise you to know, is invisible.
The reaction would have come as no surprise to other molecular anthropologists.
It's no surprise that beneath their shining armor, knights shimmered with sweat.
It should not surprise us that he could theorize that the peninsula had been an island.
To everyone's happy surprise, the old standbys worked wonders, maybe because the patient had smoldered unaided for so long.
It comes as no surprise, for example, to learn that she placed third in a county beauty pageant a few years ago.
Most people think humor requires some element of surprise.
And so she does not say it and they do, happily-a happy surprise.
The element of surprise and the sense of strangeness.
And, yet, the details of the aftermath may surprise you.
He agreed and, to his surprise, became completely absorbed.
It should come as no surprise that he is not a household name, even if the issues he addresses resonate broadly.
It's no surprise that a number of the companies tarred by allegations of dubious accounting share the same auditors.
My reaction when the question arose was surprise that anyone thought they were old enough to be married.
It's one of the things that surprise me about myself.
But his appointment was still greeted with widespread surprise, if also to general approbation.

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