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Extra power needed can be pulled from the batteries, surplus power is stored in the batteries.
Evolutionarily, it would make no sense to carry around surplus brain tissue.
He first treats rent as the surplus product of land above the substance of the laborers.
In some cases, homeowners may be able to sell surplus energy to the electric company.
What's needed for wind as well as solar is a way to store a large energy surplus.
One involves a surplus of individuals qualified and willing to do such work.
The surplus animals end up in mostly unregulated auctions where anyone at all can buy them.
Traditionally, rugged laptops have required a military-grade surplus of tradeoffs.
Processes other than supersymmetry could also account for the triple lepton surplus.
There are hundreds of posts from new mothers eager to turn their surplus into profits.
But changing fashions would see the crinoline market fall flat, leaving the manufacturer up to his bustle with surplus metal tape.
In theory, this would cure our cholesterol problems, creating a surplus of the good stuff and a shortage of the bad.
The government has subsidized the production of corn for years, and dumped the surplus on the world markets.
Transmission of surplus solar power to a good pumped storage facility a long way away might still be quite efficient.
After that if there is a tax surplus fund some future investment only.
If you cap dividends, shareholders will be forced to reinvest the surplus capital in the same company.
The surplus of money for mortgages came from the countries who needed a place to park their dollar surplus which came from us.
And these surplus codons provide enough wiggle room for geneticists to play around with.
It will for instance require that the budgetary position of a member state be balanced or in a surplus.
One need not wonder about the apparent surplus of lawyers, and the shortage of teachers.
The state's financial position has changed with the published reports of a large budget surplus.
Surplus earnings could be returned to participants if investment returns are consistently higher.
It includes urgently needed one-time catch-up projects, a smart use of the current surplus.
There is a net surplus of heat around the summer solstice, while more heat is lost than is gained close to the winter solstice.
Instead, it follows a mercantilist policy, keeping its trade surplus artificially high.
Whale products surplus to research needs are sold, and proceeds are used to finance the research.
The oil exporters' current-account surplus is set to drop by more than two-thirds.
The trouble is, surplus countries have become used to living off the spending of others.
Conversely, without it, consumer surplus may not necessarily be bigger by that tax amount anyway.
Debt-servicing aside, the government was running a healthy and growing budget surplus.
However, an auction to purchase surplus property by bid is held on an annual basis and is open to the general public.
Purchasing surplus goods from the government is an easy and affordable way to equip your new and expanding business.
From time to time the city disposes of surplus, salvaged and abandoned property.
Surplus is what's left over after accounting for all foreseeable future claims and expenses.

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