surmountable in a sentence

Example sentences for surmountable

That's a barely surmountable proposition without technology.
The problems presented in the article are all surmountable.
What makes these obstacles surmountable is that the three main participants want the process to begin.
But the problem of financing steady flows of aid is surmountable.
Still, if the ticket price is right and there's money to be made, these problems may be surmountable.
He will learn, winning elections is a challenge, but surmountable.
Issues about violating people's privacy don't seem to be surmountable.
Clinical evidence suggests that it is also surmountable.
Studying friction at the atomic scale is a challenge, surmountable in only the past few years.
Decreasing animal stress and increasing animal welfare is a noble goal and a surmountable challenge.
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