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We trailed them to the other side, but another surly elephant drove us off and sent the entire pride into hiding.
On the other hand, surly comebacks and even noncontact can cost you more than you realize.
Nevertheless they tease and worry, poke and tickle the animal continually, so that he is surly and snappish.
He cannot stand apart in surly and haughty egotism: let him learn that he is as much dependent on others as others are on him.
They were lifted by insolence above their car loans, their surly arrears, their misspent matrimonies.
The early euphoria could rapidly fizzle into surly disappointment.
Filled with fresh energy and enthusiasm will surly help in taking bold decisions.
The burgers got their nickname after a tourist wrote to the local paper complaining about surly service.
If paying to file your income taxes makes you surly, it's time to start working on your snarl.
He even thinks fondly of the surly drill instructors who shouted in his face.
He's been surly, sulky, nasty and over the top in belittling you.
Once inside the mall, the fun continues with surly or indifferent store employees, rude shoppers and messy stores.
The only tradition which remains there is the surly, indifferent service.
Yet his surly looks give way to a teddy-bear personality and heartfelt sentiments.
As the name suggests, this turtle is known for its surly disposition when threatened.
She becomes withdrawn and surly, and in meetings she is distracted and becomes belligerent when asked a question.
It seems my surly nature has gotten the better of me once again.
He has not tired of showing his machine to visitors, and caresses the surly old iron with a motherly pride and affection.

Famous quotes containing the word surly

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