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Applications include surgical implants, electrical contacts and the tips of fountain pens.
Often follows a fall with fracture that needs surgical repair.
The films should be purchased in rolls of six exposures, each roll in a tin, the cover sealed with surgical tape.
The other two arms wielded the surgical instruments.
But she was known for providing veterinary and surgical care at the other sanctuaries.
These are tough calls involving competing concerns, and they require a surgical approach.
But those remedies now include more than six thousand drugs and four thousand medical and surgical procedures.
Ling is interested in surgical techniques that involve implanting electrodes or computer chips underneath the skin.
And, as with any surgical procedure, it is not risk free.
Surgical instruments can be heat-sterilised or treated with ultraviolet light, but that is not appropriate for everything.
The rest goes into making other products, including glues, disposable nappies and surgical gloves.
New drugs and surgical techniques are revolutionising treatment and prolonging life.
My prognosis for such a problem, a targeted tax increases along with a surgical spending cut approaches might do the work.
Most importantly, however, is the fact that medicine and surgical methods are advancing at such an incredible rate.
For instance, many surgical devices may be removed from packaging, but not used in an operation.
It is time for widespread true advancement, and time to get out of the dinosaur age of surgical gadgets.
Its a non invasive and non surgical procedure, it's done by hand as it were.
People were instructed to wear surgical masks until it settled days later.
Surgical lasers could soon heal cuts as well as make incisions.
It has four legs, and tiny claws made from surgical needles that can dig into a vertical surface.
But supplying that energy resulted in devices too bulky for surgical implantation.
What she encountered left her dumbfounded: hundreds of patients talking about their problems with surgical mesh implants.
Infection had set in, and the conventional therapies--antibiotics and surgical removal of dead tissue--had failed to stop it.
The biologists wear a combination of medical and nautical gear, including surgical scrubs and rubber boots.
Jack needs organs because one day he may become a patient for surgical training.
Excessive fatty tissue impairs access to the surgical site.
If you become a patient, your treatment plan may likely include both surgical and nonsurgical procedures, both doctors say.
The likelihood of nerve injury is reduced by careful surgical technique.
Developed as a post-surgical drug, it is not a narcotic and is used to reduce inflammation and pain.
Closed biopsy uses a much smaller surgical cut than open biopsy.
Unlike surgical masks, they fit snugly around the wearer's mouth and nose.
It is developing a surgical device to reduce the size of stomachs in obese patients.
He doesn't speak but doesn't have to with that surgical-precision popping.
Five hundred years later, surgical delivery seems as trifling as tooth extraction.
He slices into his leg and then holds the spot open with a surgical retractor.
Now he had to figure out how to do it: his only surgical tool was a soft pen knife.
Surgical separations often fail, depending on how many organs are shared.

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