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Nearly half could be helped by a procedure that's become routine in many nations-cataract surgery.
Carotid artery surgery is a procedure to restore proper blood flow to the brain.
At stake is a product that could revolutionize emergency medical treatment and surgery.
Laser surgery is a medical procedure that uses laser light to remove diseased tissues or treat bleeding blood vessels.
From ancient time surgery is always advanced doing good job in medical science.
Students from the nearby medical school were invited to watch the surgery, and they snapped photos with their camera-phones.
But in the past few years, as image-guided surgery arrived on the medical scene, doctors began to rethink the odds.
Perry underwent surgery early this month to correct what his aides describe as a recurring back ailment.
Awake surgery is cosmetic surgery without general anesthesia.
Your chances of surviving heart surgery depend largely on where the operation is performed.
For many people, the knife isn't the scary part of surgery.
Which is why everybody likes a wedding more than a funeral, or chocolate more than gum surgery.
Everyone knows what cosmetic surgery does to actors.
If cosmetic surgery makes you queasy, you've been warned.
Eventually, surgery is needed to keep urine from being completely shut off.
And, the former group can recover from surgery without major scarring.
Cowboys with knives vie for a new record in the cobra rope simulated bowel surgery.
In severe cases, surgery may be needed to open blocked blood vessels.
Surgery on beating hearts is also beginning to look possible.
Getting a good look at the condition of a live human heart was once impossible without invasive surgery.
One method: infusing cells from organ donors into recipients weeks before surgery.
Her work was crucial in the development of x-rays in surgery.
The surgery has never been attempted and no anesthetic exists to ward off the searing pain of all that cutting.
The first was to remove the cancerous cells by surgery.
Because they can survive indefinitely, there should be no need for repeated surgery.
But this is not the only case of pig tissue being used in orthopedic surgery.
Retinal detachment repair is eye surgery to place a detached retina back into its normal position.
And if the leads fail, removing them may require major surgery.
They even did exploratory surgery to look for a blockage.
If you've been paying attention for a while, you know that cosmetic surgery creeps me out.
Surgery is required to fix the injury, often at the cost of the dogs' sight.
The great fear was what the side effects of the surgery might be.
Emphysema sufferers hoping for relief often face painful surgery that's more than their bodies can withstand.
Surgery for ovarian cancer uses laparotomy, a major abdominal operation.
Some epileptics who don't respond to drugs undergo brain surgery.
Doctors often disagree about the best course of treatment and overestimate the benefits of surgery while downplaying the risks.
Hemorrhoid surgery is often done in an outpatient clinic or your doctor's office, with little or no anesthesia.
But it could help to determine how best to carry out corrective surgery.
Lung surgery is surgery to repair or remove lung tissue.
Hardin recently had surgery for a malignant tumor behind an eye.
Ten years ago, actresses had surgery to help their careers.
Finite supply remains the main drawback of this sort of transplant surgery.
Surgery often interrupts blood flow to the area being treated, sometimes damaging tissue.
He was kicked to the ground and stabbed, and needed ten hours of surgery.
Doing surgery in a tent on a tropical island is harder work than you'd think.
Researchers investigate a new treatment for liver cancer that could help patients too sick for traditional surgery.
Heart valve surgery is used to repair or replace diseased heart valves.
He developed chronic sinusitis, and needed to get surgery to clean the infection.
My sister came right away and stayed with her through a surgery to pin her leg together and initial rehabilitation.
Ethicists have begun to question whether it is necessary for a patient to be fully dead before beginning transplant surgery.
Aortic valve surgery is done to replace the aortic valve in your heart.
Exploratory surgery has given way to robot cameras and high-resolution imaging.
Knee joint replacement is surgery to replace a knee joint with an artificial joint.
Hospitals charge for the exact number of staples used during surgery.
After surgery and four months of recovery, he returned to the sport and currently ranks among the world's best.
The tumor is currently positioned against his brain, making it difficult for doctors to perform the surgery.
Large bowel resection is surgery to remove all or part of your large bowel.
Now everybody wants a surgery room in their bathroom or kitchen.
Mitral valve surgery is surgery to either repair or replace the mitral valve in your heart.
It'll be interesting to see a comparison of the results to those of the surgery.
Hip fracture surgery is done to repair a break in the upper part of the thigh bone.
Welsh's spinal cord escaped damage, and doctors decided to let the wound heal without surgery.
Small bowel resection is surgery to remove part or all of your small bowel.
In fact, such so-called medicinal leeches are standard tools for preventing blood clotting after reconstructive surgery.
Mitral valve surgery is surgery that can either repair or replace the mitral valve in your heart.
Revascularization surgery helps to restore blood flow to the heart.
Kidney removal, or nephrectomy, is surgery to remove all or part of a kidney.
Thus debarred from the pulpit, he turned his thoughts in another direction, and began a course of reading on medicine and surgery.
The princess, skilled in the art of surgery, would not suffer any one but herself to touch her beloved husband.
The king condescended to pay a visit at a surgical clinic, and found the professor of surgery engaged in amputating a leg.
Doctors detected nothing using x-rays or other conventional methods short of surgery.
But before the experiment could begin, some delicate surgery had to be performed to remove the blue diamond from its setting.
But his work basically founded the field of comparative anatomy, and modern surgery, too.
First, they recorded where and for how long the eyes of an experienced surgeon were fixed during a simulated surgery.
Surgery and rehab, surgery and rehab, and more surgery.
Cataract surgery, for example, used to require up to a week in the hospital and offer only uncertain results.
Sometimes they seek out cosmetic surgery, but frequently they are unhappy with the results and ask for more surgery.
Today marks the one-month anniversary of my own weight-loss surgery.
Later he was drawn to orthopedic surgery because it seemed a vast and open field, full of possibilities.
The year after the brain surgery, his pedophilic behavior began to return.
The firm had started small, making cast parts for dentistry and surgery.
We recall the ordeals of surgery and rehabilitation.
The new test could be a godsend for people with liver cancer, which often surfaces after it is too late for surgery.
If you have had knee surgery and are afraid your scuba days are over, think again.
The surgery successfully removed all of the tumor without any injury to surrounding brain tissue.
Gang members, branded by their skin art, are given a fresh start with laser surgery to remove previously permanent tattoos.
The surgery-which makes the recipient a human-animal chimera-is widely accepted.
The three main treatment options are surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
White continues to recover from cancer surgery, but is still not well enough to move into her own apartment.
Yet unlike much other plastic surgery it is no vanity-inspired whim.
He believes that a combination of economies of scale and specialisation can radically reduce the cost of heart surgery.
It could be argued that the plastic-surgery race became a coordination failure.
Now imagine that upgrading the item in question requires you to have surgery.
Fidel, frail but back in action after his abdominal surgery, will try to block that process.
Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments advance constantly.
After our meeting in hospital, he went into surgery.
For comparison, they did the same to one-use markers designed especially for surgery, which have a non-alcoholic ink.
Doctors don't want people to regain awareness during surgery because the experiences may be frightening and even traumatic.
Working under bright lights and wearing heavy gowns can make surgery uncomfortably hot for doctors and nurses.
Moreover, our operating room could not handle major vascular surgery.
Surgery was scheduled to remove the melanoma and the affected nodes.
Evidently the axons from the eyes were able to find the same parts of the brain that they had been linked to before the surgery.
But by the end of the eighties, it was clear that the major breakthroughs in surgery were no longer coming.
But when they land their subjects, they anesthetize and prep them for surgery.
After that surgery, half the people would feel better.
Regardless, the scenario of undergoing cosmetic surgery in a hotel room sounds downright sketchy.
He agreed to hip surgery, and it went without complication.
Two years ago, however, surgery was still common for this condition.
Answers often do not come until a patient undergoes surgery.
Neck surgery can disrupt the production of calcium-regulating hormones made there.
Still, popping in a pair of contacts for the sake of clearer vision is less daunting than laser surgery.
If so, many cases might be treatable with antibiotics rather than surgery.
The dura mater is used as an implant in human brain surgery.
They might perform surgery from inside a patient, build any desired product from simple raw materials, or explore other worlds.
She needed immediate surgery to release the fluid pressing on her heart.
Other treatments involve surgery to trim the palate or remove a portion of the tongue.
Eventually, it could even eliminate the need for some forms of heart surgery.
What the agency fears is not new decision trees but radical surgery.
The equine ambulance transported it to the farm's horse hospital for surgery that took about two hours and forty minutes.
The ability to respond to texture and pressure is essential for delicate tasks, such as surgery.
Unbelievably, the surgery has no apparent effect on personality or memory.
When he reached the hospital, he endured over four hours of surgery to successfully realign his neck.
By the time he had surgery it may have been too late.
Most of the creatures survived the surgery and resumed swimming.
Many of these people are being told that fusion surgery is the solution.
Discusses the many potential risks that accompany face-transplant surgery.
She said that she had a friend who had been given a diagnosis of cancer erroneously, and underwent unnecessary surgery.
If it failed, the next recourse would be surgery, which the doctor dreaded because of its high risk of mortality.
One second they're vacuuming the floor or playing chess and the next they're using their lasers to give you unwanted eye surgery.
She had surgery to remove the tumor, but a year later the cancer spread to her bones.
Change, on the right, is more a matter of cosmetic surgery.
Lung-cancer patients without insurance are less likely to receive surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation treatment.
When you reach inside an elderly patient during surgery, the aorta and other major vessels often feel crunchy under your fingers.
Beatings left him with a ruptured eardrum and bruised buttocks that required surgery, he says.
Implantable pumps have been developed to deliver pain medication, but they require more extensive surgery and maintenance.
The topic of fetal pain is usually raised when doctors and researchers discuss whether to provide anesthesia during fetal surgery.
Patients who lose too much blood during surgery can suffer heart attacks.
Successfully removing one involves thousands of dollars in laser surgery, often with multiple procedures.
The new gel, successfully tested in rats, could also enable more complex robotic surgery as well as minimally invasive surgery.
Watch how different types of brain imaging methods are used to visualize a tumor and help plan for surgery.
Surgery, another option, has risks of complications.
It is used for anything that touches the skin, for instance, razor blades or surgery tools.
Today, a broken hip usually means surgery and extensive rehab.
After surgery to remove the primary tumor, a patient would undergo the treatment to remove any straggling cancer cells.
At that size, the device would be small enough to be inserted via catheter, rather than invasive surgery.
In doing so, it could serve as an advanced guide for surgical procedures, such as brain-tumor removal and epilepsy surgery.
He then moved to the west coast to study dermatology and dermatologic surgery.
After your brain surgery-where a portion of your brain was actually removed-you had an overwhelming artistic desire.
She endures excruciating plastic surgery in an endless search for self-recognition.
The surgery did not work, and she continued to have enormous difficulty breathing.
Note idealized portrayal of subject's plastic surgery.
But she was worn out and refused further cardiac surgery.
Her voice has changed because of the vocal-cord surgery-it's deeper and, in some ways, better.
She was wheeled to surgery for the removal of her kidneys, and transplant operations took place almost immediately.
No surgery quite crosses the existential line the way transplant surgery does.
Most plastic surgery procedures are considered non-essential, or elective.
At four-days old he underwent brain surgery to remove part of the tumor.

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