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Um, this appears to be a zombie thread resurrected by a spamming plastic surgeon.
If not, the surgeon must go back in, and the time-consuming process starts again.
He carried his beliefs with him into his professional life as a doctor and surgeon.
Most important, the briefing must respond to the questions and concerns of the surgeon general.
Gottschalk went on to become a renowned general surgeon dedicated to human health.
However, eradicating mosquitoes to solve these diseases is akin to having a surgeon use a sledge hammer to remove a brain tumor.
When a surgeon transplant a liver, it's mainly liver cells that are transplanted.
Your medical exam should be done by a designated civil surgeon.
The surgeon fixes his broken hands by delegating the task to another surgeon.
At some point, a surgeon has to make that complicated operation the first time.
To see whether he'd enjoy going into medicine, he spent time observing an ear, nose and throat surgeon.
Then, using a syringe or a pneumatic spray, the surgeon squirts the cells on to the wound.
Inaccessible is maybe accessible depending upon the experience of the surgeon.
First, they recorded where and for how long the eyes of an experienced surgeon were fixed during a simulated surgery.
Look into the conservation lab, and there's the old flag stretched out as though waiting for the surgeon to scrub up.
My next-door neighbor was a surgeon, and the fellow across the street was a stock broker, years ago.
Since he has achieved all these goals, and is a happy surgeon, his happiness quotient is high.
Marvel at the revolutionary imaging system used to guide a surgeon's scalpel in a delicate brain-tumor operation.
Every drink takes the care and precision of a surgeon, the measurement of a chemist and the speed of a short-order chef.
Such a translation would be dangerous for a surgeon seeking technical background in a foreign tongue for some risky new operation.
The message was tough to miss: practice cosmetic-gyn, and you too can live the life of a plastic surgeon.
She wants to be a nurse because her father is a famous surgeon.
While the surgeon was at it, he injected the governor with stem cells, in an experimental procedure meant to speed recovery.
If he wants to recruit a star surgeon, the minister cannot offer a bonus.
The current education minister used to be a surgeon.
He's too social a creature-and as a surgeon perhaps someone who wants more control than that.
They take them both to the station for examination by the district surgeon.
The exhibit hall was full of items and images that are normal elements of a plastic surgeon's workday.
Calif surgeon faces trial in organ donation case.
With no pediatric surgeon on staff, his doctor faces a difficult decision.
Instead, he decided to seek yet another opinion, this time from an orthopedic surgeon.
Steve is an excellent surgeon, but this time he was splitting hairs.
The surgeon is free to remove bone until she reaches the boundaries prescribed during the planning stages.
We have been told by an oncology surgeon that her case is inoperable.
Painted as surgically as diagrams on the surgeon's chart, his reproductive organs are rendered as facts.
According to a well-known surgeon this is not possible without the aid of a scalpel or a blade with a handle for leverage.
She was shown unveiling a plaque to her surgeon father and appearing to sob.
The family surgeon rode over and paid his respectful compliments, and inquiries for the health of their ladyships.
The only surgeon was one who combined the occasional exercise of that noble art with the daily and habitual flourish of a razor.
The saint stood the operation of this timorous surgeon without stirring, and as if he had been a stock that had no feeling.
Whether you're a surgeon, or a painter, or whatever.
TV medical shows can be pretty goofy, especially when you're a surgeon.

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