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The storm came ashore at the time of the high tide, which added to the surge of water being pushed ahead by the hurricane.
At the sound of the first shot, the dogs take off toward the seals in a furious surge of energy.
Digitizing medical data has been touted as one way to help the already burdened system manage the surge in patients.
Most probably new deadly disease will come out and dormant disease will surge.
Prohibitions against hunting and attention to protection and food supply in winter feeding grounds have aided the surge.
Instead the rain goes into the drains which are totally undesigned for this kind of surge and the result is chronic flooding.
But you might be surprised by the second-leading source of the expected surge in traffic.
Business owners are overwhelmed by the surge of customers.
And it would take a bit of an energy surge to get the space-time bubble going.
The space industry has seen a surge in development and initiatives.
His surge keeps going what has already proved to be a bizarre and eventful story.
The guitars opened for a surge of ringing chords in the middle of the song, but it was determined to remain unresolved.
Otherwise, he might have had to admit-among other things-that he strongly opposed the surge that his speech praised.
Much of the problem simply has to do with sea levels-as these rise, any storm or storm surge becomes more dangerous.
Coastal flooding occurs when a large storm or tsunami causes the sea to surge inland.
People surge into the shallows, oblivious of the shark danger.
Demand for fresh, local, and often organic goods has fuelled a surge in farmers markets nationwide.
But that does not mean commodity prices will continue to surge.
Many developed countries are counting on a surge in exports to boost their own sluggish domestic economies.
When traders are on a winning streak, their testosterone levels surge, sparking such euphoria that they underestimate risk.
The initial surge of visitors has slowed somewhat during the cold winter months anyway.
In retrospect, however, the surge in energy consumption is easily explained.
The world's marinas are booming, driven by a surge in yacht sales.
It opened last summer, but not enough cars came off the production line to meet a huge surge of early orders.
The squeeze comes as a surge in demand for high-tech equipment has sent demand for rare earths soaring.
As the country ages and grows poorer, this has led to a surge in petty crime, such as shoplifting by the elderly.
When news of this seeped out, the reaction gave impetus to a surge of opposition that swept the government from power.
The surge of interest has created some problems, however.
Demand for all kinds of consumer products is about to surge, in short.
Environmental climate protection could create a surge of economic growth.
Heights begin to surge upward at a madly accelerating rate.
Know whether your home is in a zone that could be flooded by storm surge, meaning you'd have to evacuate.
The surge could also evaporate as quickly as it appeared.
Witness the surge of interest in locally grown, locally sourced foodstuffs and the proliferation of farmers markets nationwide.
Allied has seen a surge of exports as the global economy has rebounded.
Why the recession is driving an enrollment surge at online dating sites.
Many people along the spillways opened to alleviate the surge are likely to lose their homes.
No observer over the last two years would say the surge hasn't succeeded.

Famous quotes containing the word surge

the white-crested fillies of the surge And the white horses of the windy plain.... more
Wheeled swiftly, wings emerge from larval-silver hangars. Taut motors surge, space-gnawing, into flight;... more
Masts in the offing wagged their tops; The swinging waves pealed on the shore; The saffron beach, all diamond drops And ... more
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