surfacing in a sentence

Example sentences for surfacing

They get as close as they can to the surfacing whales, then hurl their harpoons.
More is surfacing all the time, pointing in our own governments hand in the event.
They should show the turtles diving and surfacing and the shark looking for prey.
They spend several early life stages in these underground burrows before surfacing as adults.
These mammals can stay underwater for six minutes before surfacing.
With more bad economic news surfacing nearly every day, you might be thinking of cutting your vacation budget altogether.
He could be dealt by the trade deadline as his name is surfacing in rumors.
He grabbed one of the pieces before surfacing in order to have proof of what he had seen.
Nongovernmental antidrug initiatives are also surfacing.
All sorts of weird vibes, along with a lack of design leadership, have a way of surfacing in clothes.

Famous quotes containing the word surfacing

bent nails dance all over the surfacing like maggots... more
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