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The big waves were also a boon for local businesses, as hotels and surf shops filled up.
We stood talking as the waves came in over surf-smoothed rocks.
We don't know what the boys think about anything beyond what they think of the water and the waves and the size of the surf.
OR else ride the bus, metro, light rail or train and surf for the whole ride.
Watch a hippo swim through the surf and elephants stroll the sands.
Surfers typically refer to wave groups in the surf zone as a set.
Cruise by for surf photography, sculpture, and contemporary surf art.
There are two kinds of popping that are important to master when learning how to surf.
Loose surfboards tumbled between the jagged rocks that separated the surf from the lagoon.
Surfing is an extremely demanding sport physically, especially in big surf.
Relax with a picnic and watch the surf beat against the shore's rocks.
If in the wave live several flies, they travel making surf in the wave.
If you need to text or surf while driving, please stay in the city till you die from it.
We changed quickly into surf trunks and headed out to the surf spot.
They surf with two-inch icicles clinging to their wet suits, through stinging hail and overpowering wind.
There's no skimming, booms aren't working in the heavy surf.
They also include hydro drainage ports and a ventilated foot bed for quick drying after wading in the surf.
Out on the water body-boarders were riding the surf.
Consumers surf around to check timetables, prices and frequent-flyer benefits and to read about resorts and hotels.
We can't wait to find out more about the surf smelt and seaweed they're planning to forage, and the goat cheeses and yogurt.
The intertidal zone is the region where the surf meets the land.
It has also devised a remote control that allows people who have never used keyboards to surf the web.
When the surf is up, some snorkeling areas can be dangerous places.
To surf multimedia websites or use a broad range of applications, you needed a laptop or desktop.
They do not want to wait till they are home to surf.
Safari has many advantages that makes it easier for us to surf the web.
It is designed to scuttle from the shore through the surf to search for mines on the ocean floor.
Not only can a crab race across dry land, it can plunge into crashing surf and continue running underwater.
The bottom drops off evenly, so that the surf comes in with beautiful precision.
So think of the art world as a beach and money as the surf.
If it had been dumped into the surf, it would have ended up back on the beach the following morning.
And, as relaxing as surf sounds can be, even they become commonplace after awhile.
Broadband is everywhere and you might use a tablet or a laptop to surf the web.
The only discordant note: the sound of huge surf breaking on the ocean beach.
The ocean people surf and run and bike along the water.
Digital surf photographs were scaled using surfers as height benchmarks to estimate the size of the breakers.

Famous quotes containing the word surf

O ship white-sailed of Crete, you brought my mistress from her quiet palace through breaker and crash of surfmore
SWEENEY: Nothing to eat but the fruit as it grows. Nothing to see but the palmtrees one way And the sea the other way... more
She walked on, comforted by the surf, by the one perpetual moment of beach-time, the now-and-always of it.... more
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