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The myth was that if you ate enough, you'd surely return.
As surely as the gardener's focus shifts from fall to winter, it shifts from outdoors to indoors.
Then, slowly but surely, the rest of their plans took shape.
The divine power moves with difficulty, but at the same time surely.
But if the past is any guide, this prediction will almost surely be wrong.
Surely the artificial fractures won't play a role in seismic activity.
Surely those stakes warrant the humble, humanistic study of what essentially lies beyond reason's authority.
Surely some of those students were great in one or more important ways.
Anyone who has watched toddlers playing and squabbling has surely reached the same conclusion about humans.
Those of us in higher education surely know that from our own experiences.
At times it will be mundane, and it will surely be frustrating.
She wrote this comment-surely in jest-in a space that she believed to be private.
Surely not all counselors share the same opinion of college rankings, although it's easy to imagine that they do.
In a science known for its contentiousness, such a claim will surely not go unchallenged.
The price of admission-free for all-is surely near and dear to any student's heart.
Surely, no album resembles the others, but they all reflect this strong personality playing all instruments.
Surely there wouldn't be anything resembling breaking news on the light beat.
Such high-pitched screeches that surely no human could ever make.
Surely huge herds of animals walking across vast, open plains.
The builders of the catacombs would have surely know the origin of the burial tomb and would have hidden it, not destroyed it.
Such a stark indictment would surely draw reaction from the government and oil companies.
There was probably a tower and surely machine guns positioned on top of fortifications.
But it is surely a disaster for many lesser universities.
Yet there is surely a danger of taking all this too far.
Knopf will surely do its best to rush the book into print, but its cut of final sales will be considerable.
Yet they are surely a more fun way to understand exchange rates than textbooks.
And in a debate with such a long history, there are surely plenty of data to be brought to bear too.
But that is surely a function of the power of politicians to rig markets, rather than the evils of family capitalism.
If it does so, the risk of a major dollar collapse will surely increase.
Surely they should be allowed to know what happens to it.
None of this is good news for creditors, who will surely not put up with the situation for long.
And it is surely better to reform yourself than to have hostile politicians take you into receivership.
But any of the benefits to the markets would surely be diminished by the cost to the ecosystem, wildlife and tourism.
Surely it was a relief to know that her husband was alive.
Surely there are valid comparisons that can be made.
They will surely be killed once the scientists are finished with them.
She surely could never have imagined the import of that excursion.
Surely there are many that have yet to be discovered.
And a country climbing out of a recession could surely use that money elsewhere.
Amazon won't reveal what percentage of submissions the company accepts, but it's surely only a small fraction.
As unemployment continues to cripple the country's economy, one sector surely experiences growth every winter: personal trainers.
But you can't wait until a storm is bearing down to go buy the plywood because by then it's almost surely too late.
Slowly but surely, the health care debate is getting down to cases.
Another factor surely will be whether a hotel has recently renovated, since updates typically help hotels lift their rates.
Some regions of the planet that are not now conducive to agriculture surely one day will be.
My point is that not only computers, if consider buildings there would surely be some relation to the function of the human body.
Slowly but surely the otherworldly color mutates and destroys crops, insects, wild animals and livestock.
There might be links with autism but surely not as a direct consequence.
If patients choose to give up their right to an informed decision they surely may do so.
The future exists and is fixed as surely as the past exists and is fixed.
It will surely get fast and accurate outcome shortly.
It may not be as glamorous as other efforts, but it is a surely a super sustainable idea.
Surely how much you talk depends on what kinds of tasks you're typically doing.
They made music on bone flutes, and if they did this, they surely sang and danced as well.
Left up to future scientists to surely find viable ways to dispose of it.
Anyone with advice on how you should live your life has surely spoken to you of its benefits.
Agricultural technology may not be the answer for all, but it surely will help many.
But surely the court will hear more and more cases involving science and technology, too.
Human activity is severely disrupting almost all life on the planet, which surely doesn't help matters.
Surely our wise and mathematically sophisticated readers will be able to help.
Indeed surely at some point the number of phonemes was zero.
Surely, went the rationale, steering blood around a blockage would lower the subsequent stroke rate.
It is geologically common, so cannot be excluded surely.
Surely he must realize that every dime the government spends creates jobs.
But surely one has to worry about the little buggers breaking down.
Yet you almost surely have some nanotechnology sitting around you.
But there will surely be one or a few major winners.
But surely you learned in school that the sun goes through cycles where it is more active and than less.
These investigations will tell us more about the intestinal genetic trade that has surely played a big role in our evolution.
Personally though, surely the anorexic should be guided away from overexercise as well by the minutes.
Such intimate photographs are surely the book's triumph.
The weird part was that surely someone would have implemented my plan by then.
Nobody can question that he walks the walk as surely as he talks the talk.
Bob: a name once of heavy significance to her, though surely she's rid herself of that load of luggage by now.
Surely he ought to be expelled from school and sent before a judge.
It was common, surely in part because of economic considerations.
Any minute we'd read them all cover to cover, it was surely about to happen.
But it is surely going to be a closely and bitterly contested one.
Surely, then, it should be put to a vote rather than being enacted via bureaucratic diktat.
There are no images yet circulating to match against the reports, but surely soon they will come too.
The day will surely come when the graduate will have an interview.
On a broader scale, the greed in media will surely be their ultimate downfall.
Surely there is a more objective way to explain the laws of physics.
Despite the risks, a network approach to conservation is surely the right way to go.
Surely, their rotations should be randomly distributed.
Slowly but surely, he believes, the evidence is building.
Surely a website or a set of websites would disrupt the whole thing.
The finite can never comprehend the infinite, but the infinite has all the answers and can surely guide us on our way.
Surely adding macro lenses to cameras is not sufficiently novel for patentability.
Surely evolution would be speed up if the economic system actually provided an incentive for people automating their jobs.
If there's one place where the ability to distinguish fact from fiction may turn out to be useful, it is surely on the web.
As he surely would have been, if he could: difficult to imagine him ever retiring except through incapacity.
Surely there are people, in both stories, who find the name offensive.
Surely there are enough businesses around, map stores or book chains, to sell its maps.
What all these responses have in common is a benevolent, and surely unintentional, self-aggrandizement.
He is surely the dream candidate of defense contractors.
If he could simply flip a switch and suddenly become a commanding debater, he surely would have done that by now.
If it hasn't happened yet, it surely will happen soon.
Whatever may be thought of the omission of the first paper, that of the second is surely an error.
The transformative power of social media surely is of similar magnitude and consequence as the invention of the photograph.
But experimentation by media is surely warranted and could collect more valuable data in this area.
The government surely could have charged him with other things, such as wire fraud, without the conspiracy charges.
Guess not at what rage is in my mind, for surely you cannot know.
These claims will surely strike food purists as heresy.
If he failed, it was surely not for want of trying or caring.
If peasants take action against a landlord, then there is surely more going on than private scores being settled.
But for the society as a whole it is surely an overstatement.
Something else is surely needed to account both for the continuing horror and for the differences among the commentators.
They are, surely, the weakest player with the fewest cards to play.
But then it must surely count as a private reference, difficult for the uninitiated to fathom.
Surely the heroes of science are those who dare to ask how the brain thinks and where the universe ends.
Far the best and largest part has been military history, and surely that is a story worth telling.
But the one place it is surely not true is in the developing world, which requires more entrepreneurship, not less.
Surely a good place to start is a recipe eager to celebrate all traditions.
She has seen it, because she sees into the past as surely as she sees into the future.
Surely the answer is not something as basic as the media or consumerism.
Surely the barman would ask if it was some kind of joke.
Surely part of our overt response to snakes is the fact that some species are venomous.
With options from induction to executive, there will surely be a program or course suitable for you.
It is surely no accident that he does so with a painting of a window.
Surely these production companies can afford to help.
Bring your own movie and enjoy an outdoor theater next to a crackling bonfire-a treat your group will surely remember.
Each park offers something different for every visitor and surely something new, even for those who have already been.
The delay and loss of proprietary protection will surely slow down new product development.

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