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Example sentences for sure thing

That's not a sure thing, of course, so split at your own risk.
There is only one sure thing that will reduce or remove our human impact on the environment.
Such a modest boost is nowhere near a sure thing, but researchers are hoping to use the new data to try other combinations.
Even some environmental benefits are not a sure thing.
Even if the programme is designed perfectly, it is no sure thing it will end the crisis.
In each case, one of the options would be a fifty-fifty bet and the other would be a sure thing.
And one sure thing about a system as complex as agriculture is that things will go wrong, often with devastating consequences.
Don't bother pursuing an impossible dream when a sure thing is staring you right in the face.
If it's a truly scarce sure thing, you won't get the call.
Even when owners find willing buyers, getting their price isn't a sure thing.
But it wasn't a sure thing until he put pen to paper.
Bubbles end when people stop believing that big capital gains are a sure thing.
But the export revision is by no means a sure thing.
All investments carry risks, no stock is a sure thing.
Whether that trend will continue indefinitely into the future is far from a sure thing.
Since no approach to schooling is a sure thing, the state has a responsibility to ensure high-quality public oversight.
The only sure thing that can be said is that what will happen is anyone's guess.

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