surcharge in a sentence

Example sentences for surcharge

Suppose, for instance, that food stamps carried a surcharge if used for beef.
The estimated costs are paid into a fund collected as a per kwh surcharge.
Taxing meats with a surcharge that would go into a fund to care for people with meat-induced illnesses would be one approach.
That's a small surcharge on a long distance or cell call, but it would be a prohibitive barrier for local service.
Maybe at these gatherings, travelers will find that special someone to help avoid a future single-supplement surcharge.
Not surprisingly, shippers impose a fat surcharge to compensate for the delay.
These are tangible, feel-good items, that are easily acquired for a small surcharge over the less-sustainable.
Both smoking and non-smoking rooms are available, and pets are allowed with a daily surcharge and refundable damage deposit.
Cruise fares are usually based on two people in each stateroom, with a surcharge applied to singles.
There should be a property tax surcharge added for any residence or business that is not located near public transportation.
My alternative is a one percent income tax surcharge for education.
Your applied rate is a combination of your premium rate and the solvency surcharge.
Surcharge fees imposed by the state are in addition to municipal permit fees.
Exempts commercial vehicles, trailers and trailer coaches from the surcharge.
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